Every Other Tweet

How is Figment like Oprah? We both like giving stuff away. Fine, she gives away cars, but nothing is more powerful than a book! Though you could probably make a strong case for the horsepower of a Pontiac G6.

Today on Twitter, we’re hosting a giveaway in honor of Every Other Day by Jennifer Lynn Barnes–which you can start reading here on Figment. We’ll be giving away five copies of the book. But! We’re taking a cue from the novel, in which Kali is a kick-ass demon-huntress with amazing strength and an order to kill. Double but! On every other day, Kali is sapped of her strength and left a normal, human, teenage girl.

To enter, all you have to do is retweet one of five tweets that will go out during the day. Triple but! Only every other tweet is eligible to win a copy of the book.

We will send out five tweets, every hour on the hour starting at 12:00 p.m. EST on January 12, 2012. One re-tweeter of each tweet will be randomly chosen–out of every odd-numbered entry–to receive a copy of the Every Other Day. You can retweet each hour’s tweet for a total of five chances to win!

You can find the tweets on our Twitter account, @FigmentFiction. Please be sure to read the rules and regulations, which can be found here.

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