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You guys, sometimes websites meet each other in playgroup, or at circle time, or in the lunch line, and they become friends. That’s what happened when we stumbled into Vervegirl . . . new bestie?

Check out Vervegirl for fashion trends, new beauty products, book reviews, and fantastic contests. If you register, you can share your thoughts and story ideas in the Vervegirl forums. And be sure to follow Vervegirl on Twitter to get the latest news straight from Kaaren, Vervegirl’s Publisher.

Vervegirl provides a social network that allows young women to experience and share life online. Get advice on issues that matter to you: health and fitness, career options, prom, study tips, and lifestyle choices.

2 thoughts on “Visit Vervegirl!

  1. …Just when I think you are loosening up on your feminine tendencies, you make an announcement like THIS. Then again, considering most of the members are 13-16 year old females…

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