Daily Themes from Lev Grossman!

Photo, Mathieu Bourgois

In the world of Lev Grossman‘s bestsellers The Magicians and The Magician King, magic is hard work, requiring rigorous study and daily repetition. And as all of you late-night-coffee-swilling, endless-draft-creating, keep-writing-or-bust scribes know, developing one’s writerly craft is equally tough stuff.

To help you hone that craft, this week Lev Grossman himself is taking over Figment Daily Themes, offering five days of prompts geared toward helping you work on your novel and other forms of extended fiction.  The first day’s prompt is below, but to get the next four, you’ll have to sign up to receive our daily writing prompt email. You don’t want to miss the magic…

Figment Daily Theme, January 16, 2012

Jonathan Franzen used to write his novels wearing earmuffs, or earplugs, in a darkened room with no windows, so that he could completely immerse himself in his fictional world and forget about the real one. See if that works for you.

So get writing, and be sure to tag your response DailyThemes to qualify for a special badge and editorial shout-outs from the Figment team.


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