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We love the Alliance for Excellence in Education‘s Digital Learning Day. We’re all about digital. And we’re all about learning. We firmly believe you should try and learn one new thing a day. Fact: Donald Duck’s middle name is “Fauntleroy.” You can put a giant check mark next to today on your calendar.

Digital Learning Day is a project to inspire students and teachers alike to use the global audience that the internet provides and the hands-on technology available. You guys, as contributors to a large online writing community, are all up on, over, and IN this movement. We want you to tag one story or work in your already-existing Figment portfolio with DLDay. In your story’s (or poem’s) description, share why a digital audience has been meaningful to you and why getting peer feedback has been beneficial for you.

You know how people heart your stories? This is you hearting back. Why do you post your work on Figment? So other people can see it. Why are these people important to your writing process? Tell us and tell them! Four tagged stories will be chosen at random for a feature on the Figment homepage, and one lucky user will have his/her work showcased in Figment’s Newsletter.

We’re joining together with the National Writing Project, the New York Times Learning Network , and Edutopia to share this event with you. NWP, NYTLN, and E? Love those guys. If this was a buddy cop comedy, NWP and NYTLN would be the mismatched cops, Edutopia would be the wise-cracking detective, and we’d be their crime-stopping pet monkey. This collaboration means your tagged stories will be on display for a wide audience beyond Figment’s bounds, so make sure to get your story up and posted by February 1!

Click here for the full rules. Please note that while users must be residents of the U.S. and Canada (excluding Quebec) to be eligible for the homepage and newsletter features, all users may tag their story DLDay.

If that’s not enough to ease your Digital Learning Day fervor, you can read articles that span 40 years of digital revolution on the New York Times Learning Network!

On February 1, we’ll be joining NWP, NYTLN, E and AEE in tweeting with the hashtag #DLDay. We want you to get your writing-pride on and tweet with us using the tags #DLDay and #whatImake and linking to your Figment profile or one of your favorite stories. You can support digital learning AND brag about your techno-savviness.

So tag your story starting now and make sure to join us on February 1 for a twitter celebration!

33 thoughts on “Digital Learning Day on Figment

  1. I have a piece in mind that I’d like to tag, but it’s entered in a contest already. Can I still tag it? And can you tag more than one writing?

  2. This is really cool!! Can your writting peice be a contest entrie or would that disqulify the entrie because it’s promoting the entrie?

  3. When I entered this contest I tagged a story that was already tagged for another contest. I have just untagged my story that is for another contest (called Cheap) and tagged another story. Will my previous story (Cheap) be unentered and my new story enter (sorry for the awkward wording, I’m having trouble explaining this lolz)

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