The Probability of Miracles Contest Winner!

Congratulations to these miraculously good entries, which won Wendy Wunder’s The Probability of Miracles contest, judged by Wendy Wunder herself!

First place:Skeleton Friend” by Kimberly Karalius
Aaaaand our superlucky pomflamingo winner:
The Ring Bearer” by Amanda’s Notebook

Of all the entries, Wendy says:

The submissions to the POM contest were so fabulous! I was so impressed by the caliber of work I was asked to read, so if you entered the contest, stand up now, do a little celebration dance, pat yourself on the back and buy a little something nice for yourself. You deserve it!!

The submissions were all so good that I put off judging them for a few days because I didn’t know how I was possibly going to choose one over another. Eventually I decided I needed to get clinical and devise some kind of a rubric. The criteria that emerged as I was reading through the work were:

– Voice
– Pacing
– Magic (Was it tied into the larger issues of the protagonist?)
– Creativity
– Language
– Basic line-by-line conventions of the English language and grammar (which is more important than people like to acknowledge these days).

In using the rubric, I found some submissions that nailed the voice, but got rushed at the end (because you only had 1,200 words, so pacing was difficult); or some submissions that were very creative and well paced but had some grammar problems; or submissions that threw some magic in there, but it wasn’t quite tied in to the deeper issues of the protagonist. I thought “Skeleton Friend” by Kimberly Karalius scored points in each category, and I hope you agree! Congratulations Kimberly! And thanks to all participants for your hard work! Write On!

With love and miracles,
Wendy Wunder

Both winners will receive a copy of The Probability of Miracles. Thanks to everyone who entered! Click here to read the finalist entries.

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