Fracture Contest Finalists!

Delaney Maxwell was supposed to be dead. But then she woke up. For the Fracture Contest, we asked you to include one of four scientific facts in your story, in honor of Delaney Maxwell’s science-defying recovery after 11 minutes in a freezing cold lake. Congratulations to these Figs, whose stories were thrilling and chilling and cool (or hot!) all around.


Dies Iraeby Kodi Ross
Shockby B.D. Legan
Voltageby Alyssa Antoine
Executionby Nilanjana Pati
Degreesby Wynter
Feverby Nadege K. Richards
Fading Awayby Adelman
103by G. Gómez
Touch Meby Melissa Wu
My Preciousby Kaia

These entries will be sent to author Megan Miranda herself to be judged. All three winners will receive copies of Fracture. The first-place winner will also receive a $25 Amazon gift card, and the second-place winner will also receive a Figment tote. Stay tuned for more news!

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