Her Campus Valentine’s Day Contest

Being in a relationship is hard. There are misunderstandings and make-ups, I wanna kiss yous and I wanna kill yous.

Writing a relationship is hard, too. Is your couple’s chemistry believable? Are the obstacles you’ve strewed in their path cliched? Should you maybe have sent the heroine home with this guy instead of that guy?

Every relationship can benefit from a little objective advice, whether it’s a relationship you’re living or one you’re dreaming up. So for a dose of perspective, we turn to the brave men of HerCampus.com. Her Campus is the leading online magazine for the in-the-know co-ed, with articles about college life, love, and style, including the ever-intrepid relationship advice of the  Real Live College Guys.

From how to drop hints to a good friend that you’d like to be a little bit more, to letting someone know you’re not that into them, to gracefully asking for a relationship break, to hinting to your partner that you’d could use a little more romance in your relationship–these guys have every romantic base covered.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, perhaps the most polarizing holiday of them ALL (more so even than Wave All Your Fingers At Your Neighbor Day, which falls just a handful of days earlier, on February 7), we want you to use the scenarios above to inspire a Valentine’s–or anti-Valentine’s–story.

In 1,500 words or fewer, write a story in which a character takes the advice offered in one of these four Real Live College Guys’ posts: 1, 2, 3, 4.

How well does that advice work? It’s up to you!

How To Enter:
1. Read the full rules here.
2. Create an account on Figment.com.
3. Start a new writing. Your entry must be 1,500 words or fewer.
4. Tag that writing with hercampuscontest on the Details tab.
5. Press “Publish Now.”
6. You should receive a pop-up confirmation of your entry, and in about two hours or so, your piece should appear among the submissions.

You have until February 5, 2012 at 11:59 p.m. EST to post and tag your entry. Voting will run until February 12, 2012 at 11:59 p.m. EST. On February 14 (The Big V-Day!) the ten most-hearted entries will be posted as finalists on Her Campus, which traffics more than 700,000 readers a month. The winner will receive a prize pack including copies of Dream School and The Secret History; a DVD of Valentine’s Day;  a unisex Her Campus tee; and best of all have his or her story posted on Her Campus for the world to read! 

Also super cool: Her Campus is offering a $50 Amazon giftcard to one lucky sweepstakes winner. Just give us your name and email address below, and you’ll be entered to win. You’ll also start receiving the Her Campus newsletter weekly in your inbox–full of awesome (exclusive!) content.

Click here to see who the finalists are. Click here to read the winning entry.

18 thoughts on “Her Campus Valentine’s Day Contest

  1. I don’t understand the links. They take me to “Hercampus” thingy but nothing specific… I don’t which one to click on!

  2. Do we have to use the actual name, “Her Campus”, or can we make up our own original name for the advice column in our story?

  3. Does our story have to be an advice column? And if not, for 1 can we make the main character write a letter on how she feels to her crush and give it to him?

    • Hi Ambre,

      No, it does not have to be an advice column, the character just has to give/take the advice. Yes, you may write a letter.

  4. Does it have to be the girl telling the boy she has a crush on him or can it be the boy telling the girl he has a crush on her?

  5. Why are there so few stories where the protagonist is the object of unwanted love?
    I guess I’ll have to write one, then, if I find time.

  6. I did an entry for this contest like a week ago and I don’t see it! I didn’t even see the pop-up confirmation thing! I hope its still in the contst………..I really wanted to be in it!

  7. Maybe this is a stupid question, but I’ll ask anyway: does the actual character have to be taking advice from someone/something or can I just have the character do the advice of the articles without necessarily accepting it from someone? (for example: a girl gets annoyed with a guy following her around like a puppy dog and finally gets blunt with him about her [lack of] feelings)

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