We Heart Alan Rickman

Two words. Four syllables. 57 film credits.

Whether he’s young and beardless, wild and shaggy, or snivelly and Snape-y, we love him unconditionally.

And now? And NOW? You can see him live. On stage. In a Broadway comedy. SQUEE!

Alan’s newest play on Broadway, Seminar, is a comedy about some aspiring writers who pay to get regular verbal smackdowns from the witty, successful, caustic writer Alan plays. So it’s guaranteed to be a good time. A GREAT time, if you can bear to rip your eyes from Alan Rickman’s face for more than five seconds, that is.

Here’s the part where we make your dreams come true: Watch the Figment contest blog this week for the Seminar contest. The prize includes a voucher for two tickets to go see Alan!

We know you’re excited, but we’ll just have to keep you in suspense for now. Pencils at the ready, Figlets! Face-time with dear Alan is at stake.

Want to be notified when the contest goes up? Send us an email and we’ll let you know the moment the contest goes live!

10 thoughts on “We Heart Alan Rickman

  1. AUUUGH, so jealous! I was just in New York over the weekend but I didn’t have time to see the show, and it made me so extremely sad. πŸ™ Especially when I had to walk past the theatre!

    But anyway, good luck to everybody who enters! I’m VEEEERY jealous. πŸ™‚

  2. You forgot “Die Hard” Alan Rickman!!! And next time I go to New York, that will be the show that I see.

    “Ver are my detonators?!”

  3. Wow that’s cool. But I’m Thai. Can I join this contest?
    I love Alan Rickman so much. I hope I will meet him once.
    Thank you for the contest.

  4. Ahhhhh!!! I may faint. He is gorgeously handsome and amazing! And, of course, talented beyond belief. With so much at stake, I cannot even think straight. Gah! I have to pull myself together.

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