Congratulations, Blake Nelson!

We love Blake Nelson! Of course we do–we published his latest book, Dream School, which you can begin reading on Figment here. Dream School is the sequel to Blake’s cult classic 90’s novel, Girl, which follows Andrea Marr–princess of Portland’s grunge rock scene–as she navigates an elite East Coast liberal arts college. In Blake’s own words: “Dream School shows what college is like for smart people. It’s so lame how people portray college as just sororities and guys with beer cans strapped to their heads. College can actually be really great.”

But we aren’t the only Nelson fans around! The YA Department just awarded Cybil, Andrea’s best friend in Girl, the Tiny Cooper Award for Best Supporting Character (why yes, that is an award named after Tiny Cooper from Will Grayson, Will Grayson).

And what’s more, YALSA recently named Blake’s book Recovery Road a 2012 Best Fiction for Young Adults book–a book that appeals to teens, and has literary merit to boot.

Congratulations, Blake!

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