Struck by Rhonda Stapleton

Imagine this: you get a job at a matchmaking company for some extra cash. You’re told you’re a cupid. You’re then told that your job is to match your entire school—but don’t worry, you can make couples fall in love by email.

In Struck (which is Rhonda Stapleton’s three books, Stupid Cupid, Flirting with Disaster, and Pucker Up all put together), this is what happens to Felicity Walker. With quotas to fill and a matchmaking territory of thousands of possibilities, she jumps right in. But her job is harder than she expected—especially without reading the manual—and soon she’s made some fatal errors. (Matching three guys to one girl?) There’s also her personal problem: she can’t seem to make her crush, Derek Peterson, notice her at all, and it’s against the rules to match yourself. As Felicity struggles to fix the mess she’s made, she finds that help comes from an unexpected place—and that some matches just aren’t meant to be.

The characters in Struck are funny, a bit outrageous, and definitely the driving force behind the plot. I love them all, from kind and relatable Felicity to her boastful brother, Rob. The relationship between Felicity and her two best friends, Andy and Maya, is totally realistic and adds even more hilarity to the story.

Amidst shelves of gothic romances and dark paranormal thrillers, Struck by Rhonda Stapleton is a sweet, laugh-out-loud romantic comedy. This is a definite read for anyone who likes to curl up with a blanket and some hot cocoa on a rainy day and read something that will make her smile.  Because I guarantee that this book will have you smiling.


Mattie is an aspiring novelist who lives in small-town Colorado. She can often be found reading YA fiction when she probably shouldn’t be, resulting in the common phrase of, “Put the book down!” (Unfortunately for whoever says that, it rarely happens.)

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