Fig Kayla W. Reviews Books for I Heart Daily

When I Heart Daily was looking for a teen to recommend books, their first thought–of course!–was to turn to Figment. And they found someone fantastic: meet Kayla W., brand-new guest reviewer for I Heart Daily and Figment, and blogger at Caught Between the Pages.

Kayla will be reviewing books periodically for both Figment and I Heart Daily. Meanwhile, I Heart Daily talks about books all the time–check out their “Read It!” section here. And if you aren’t receiving I Heart Daily’s newsletter yet, you’re missing out on some fun finds. Sign up here!

Below, we have Kayla’s review of My Beating Teenage Heart by C.K. Kelly Martin

My Beating Teenage Heart by C.K. Kelly Martin definitely isn’t your typical young adult book. One of the main characters, Ashlyn, starts the story off remembering nothing of her past. Toss in the fact that she isn’t entirely certain about where she is, why no one sees her, or why she’s being forced to follow Breckon, a teenager haunted by his younger sister’s death, everywhere he goes, and the mystery is already coming together. As the plot progresses, she begins to recover her memories. You’re along for the ride, during the good and the bad. Suspense builds around the pair until the last few chapters, when all is revealed. I found myself eagerly anxious for the end, wanting to know how it would all fall together. This book doesn’t disappoint.

It definitely wouldn’t have its tear-jerking heartrending impact without its great writing and characterization, courtesy of Martin. The author does a wonderful job while creating Breckon’s world, which Ashlyn has been forced into, and slowly revealing it through his and Ashlyn’s alternating viewpoints. Anyone who has ever lost a loved one or gone through a tragedy can easily relate to Breckon, and Ashlyn’s search for her true self is like that of any teenager. She might not face normal problems–I don’t think many people find themselves stuck in her situation–but they’re as life-changing for her all the same.

The characters and the message of My Beating Teenage Heart will certainly tug at your heartstrings. And not only is the journey memorable, it might just be one of the best ones you’ve ever taken.

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