Fracture Contest Winners!

Is your adrenaline pumping? It will be when you read these fantabulous stories, selected by Megan Miranda herself as the winners of the Fracture contest. Well done, Figs!

First Place:Degrees” by Wynter
Second Place:Shock” by B.D. Legan
Third Place:Voltage” by Alyssa Antoine

Of the entries, Megan said:

Thanks so much to everyone for entering the Fracture contest! I was completely blown away by these entries. The stories were each surprising and haunting, and I had such a hard time judging them. I was really intrigued by each premise. Captivating. Thought-provoking. Truly excellent stories!

All three winners will receive copies of Fracture. Wynter will also receive a $25 Amazon gift card, and B.D. Legan will also receive a Figment tote. Click here to read the finalist entries. Thanks to everyone who entered!

4 thoughts on “Fracture Contest Winners!

  1. Can it be like a play? With the names infront? For example…

    Bob: Hi!
    Sam: Sup?

    But without stage direction and all that.

  2. Wynter and B.D. Legan have both won about a billion contests. I think there should be a restriction on how many times you can win.

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