Jessica Flash Fiction Challenge

Your best friend told you she didn’t like him, but the next thing you knew, she was macking on your crush. Your brother said he’d never tell about that time you broke Aunt Cathy’s priceless vase, but now you’re grounded. Betrayal comes in many sizes, shapes, and forms, my Figs, but whether it entails Iago cheating Othello, Peter Pettigrew selling his friends out to Voldemort, or Benedict Arnold turning his coat, it’s slimy. And tricksy.

In Beth Fantaskey’s Jessica Rules the Dark Side (which you can start reading now), Jessica’s husband, Lucius, is framed for the murder of his uncle, Claudiu. When Lucius is sentenced to solitary confinement and death, it’s up to Jessica to clear his name. But how will she know whom to trust when terrifying visions of betrayal keep haunting her dreams?

Your challenge: In 150 or fewer words, write a dialogue-only scene in which someone is betrayed.

Tag your entry darksidechallenge by Monday, January 30 at 10:00 a.m. EST to enter. The Figmods will choose the most well-written and creative entry to receive a copy of Jessica Rules the Dark Side. Don’t betray your inner writer. Get writing!

Click here to read the full challenge rules.

20 thoughts on “Jessica Flash Fiction Challenge

  1. Im confused by the dialogue only part… does that mean nothing can be used that isn’t spoken? for example could it say: I walked over the to book and said “wow! I love this book!” ? Our am I not allowed to use the description before the dialogue?

    Also, could it be a letter or a diary? Thats kind of like dialogue…

  2. I’m a little confused as to how to enter this (or any) of the contests. In the rules it says to tag your entry ‘darksidechallenge’ (for example), but I’m not entirely certain as to where to place this tag?

    I see I can tag a piece of writing from My Desk but will it automatically be entered as long as it is tagged with ‘darksidechallenge’?

    Sorry for the confusion, I’m just new here 🙂

    • Hi Tony,

      Welcome! Yes, as long as you put the correct “tag” in the “Tags” box (of the “Details” section), your work should be entered into the contest. If correctly tagged, it will show up below the “contest post.”

  3. “Sebastian! Please! Don’t leave me! Don’t walk away from me! Be a man! Be the man you used to be!”
    “If I was the man I used to be, I would love you. Forget about me. Forget about me for your own good.”
    “It’s hard for someone to forget about the one who left them for some girl in Europe!”
    “I love her! She needs me!”
    “She doesn’t love you!”
    “Yes she does!”
    “No one will ever love you as much as I do!”
    “Katie will!”
    “Katie?! You’re going to love my sister?! How could you?!”
    “She looks like you, sounds like you, and is NOTHING like you!”

  4. I was just wondering, I wrote a piece for this contest, however it is not showing up on this page! Is it not supposed to because only the Figmods are voting on the best story?


    • Hi Evan,

      Unfortunately, only entries published within the entry period are eligible to win, but good luck in the next contest!

  5. Thanks, Rebecca ^_^

    Since this isn’t a heart-based contest, are we allowed to ask people to read it? I just got utterly landblasted over that, so should I just un-tag my entry now and go cry in the corner?

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