Girls Write Now Launches Digital Remix Program

This spring, a group of eight Girls Write Now mentor and mentee pairs are contributing to the Digital Remix Portfolio–a new, different, exciting way to share creatively. Each month, participants will be experimenting with photo & video, design & animation concepts, and audio & sharing, using new tools to complement their writing and the writing of their peers–including Figmenters!

They might interpret a poem through a short film, create online avatars or accounts for characters in a fictional story, represent a film scene through a series of tweets, convert a piece of written journalism into a podcast, or adapt a memoir into an online “choose-your-own adventure.”

What’s a remix? Check this out. Samantha White, a Girls Write Now mentee, and her professional mentor remixed her original poem, “I Was Odd”  into a motion graphic.

Read the original poem here, and then check out what it became:

Cool, right? So who are the remixers? You can get to know a few of them on Figment, and check out their digital bios: Monica ChinChanTareya Paredes, Idamaris PerezLara Warman, X.Callisto, Demetria Irwin, Karen Kawaguchi, Elaine Stuart, Jessica Benjamin, Meghan McNamaraRocio Cuevas, Alissa RiccardelliTherese Cox, Samantha Young Chan, Alexandra BergLinda CormanClaudia Parsons, and Sade Swift. And you can read about the whole process of digital remixing in Georgia Soares‘s digi-diary here.

Submit your writing to be remixed by Girls Write Now:
Between now and February 6, 2012, GWN is inviting the Figment community to contribute your writing to be digitally remixed by GWN!

Submission is easy:
Tag an existing piece of writing–something you think might lend itself to digital remixing–with GWNRemix12. You can tag any form/genre of writing you prefer.

GWN will select at least three Figment submissions to be featured this spring as original pieces in this Digital Remix pilot, exploring innovative, exciting ways to reformat your writing with new tools and technologies. If your piece is chosen for the project it could be reinvented into an audio, video, interactive or geo-locative digital masterpiece! Read the full rules here.

Follow GWN Remix on the Figment blog!
Every few weeks, GWN Remix participants will guide you through their creative experience, including original writing, information about new digital tools, video clips, workshop lectures and/or commentary, remix projects, and much more!

Let us know what you think! Contact GWN for more info or simply share your thoughts and ideas on the Girls Write Now Digital Remix blog.

Digital Remix Portfolio is supported by the MacArthur Foundation and the Hive Digital Media Learning Fund in The New York Community Trust.

22 thoughts on “Girls Write Now Launches Digital Remix Program

  1. I hope its alright that I tagged multiple entries for this contest. I read through the rules and I wasn’t sure if there was limit on it. I just assumed it was a tagging of any of my old writing.

    Just making sure 🙂 If not let me know.


  2. Is there a word limit? And can I enter a piece that is currently in a contest if I re upload it so it has no hearts and it’s not entered for the other contest?

  3. I was just reading the rules and I noticed that a part said, “Judgement will be completed on or about Feb. 20th 2013.” Is the judgement really going to take that long or is it a typo?

  4. Can it be a longer piece? Or does it have to be shorter? I wanted to tag my piece ‘Ecil’ but it’s really long, so i didn’t know. Just wondering about that, since ther eisn’ta word limit.

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