Happy Birthday to Books (1/29-2/4)

Looks like it’s about that time again! Time to put these books on the spot. A good spot, though. More glory than a spotlight and less asphalt than a parking spot.

The Edumacation of Jay Baker by Jay Clark (1/31)
Bullies, rejection, and awkwardness…gosh that has a familiar ring to it. Oh look! It’s my teenage life calling to me. Begone with you, teenage life! Go prey on someone else. Someone like Jay Baker, who (as the cover might give away) has it a little rough. I love The Edumacation of Jay Baker because it’s mad real, yo. It’s filled with a TON of wit and sarcasm and it’ll have you laughing out loud like a manic. So don’t read it in public. Just saying. Not that it happened to me or anything. Bonus points? You can peep an excerpt here¬†on Figment!


The Dead of Winter by Chris Priestley (1/31)
I love a good horror story and The Dead of Winter definitely fits the bill. Here’s a warning to those of you who dare to read it: close all the windows and doors and have a fresh pair of underwear at hand. This is some seriously spooky stuff. After the death of his parents, Michael goes to live with a wealthy friend of his father’s, some weird guy who’s always cooped up in his room. He realizes that the house is haunted and when his guardian shows him a secret passageway with a dark story behind it, things start to get really intense. I’m talking “hold on to your hats” intense. “I like to go camping” intense. “Bad plays on the similarities between ‘intense’ and ‘in tents'” intense.


Midnight in Austenland by Shannon Hale (1/31)
After being cheated on by your own husband, what better way to boost your self-esteem than by going on a vacation? Party at Austenland, HOLLA! For our protagonist Charlotte, it wasn’t too much of a party unfortunately. I mean yeah, there was a lot of eye candy to ogle at and she got to be totally swaggerific in her fancy corset and all, but things stopped being so peachy when a dead body was found. DUN DUN DUN! Tough break, amirite? Full of twists and turns, Midnight in Austenland is one roller coaster you’ll definitely want to ride to the end. And that’s coming from someone who hates roller coasters. You can check out the excerpt here!


Incarnate by Jodi Meadows (1/31)
I’ve always wondered what I’d be reincarnated as in another life. Maybe a lion. Or an alien from outer space! That’d be so sweet. In Incarnate, Ana lives in a world where souls have been reincarnated for thousands of years. When Ana is born, however, she is a new soul. WHOA WHAT? HOLD THE PHONE! STOP THE PRESSES! She then earns the name of “nosoul” and pretty much becomes shunned by her entire community (even by her own mother!) because her being alive means that someone else died…for realsies. Womp womp. She goes on a journey to the city of Heart (iseewhatyoudidthere) to find out why she exists and unexpectedly finds love on the way. D’aww.


The Shadow Collector’s Apprentice by Amy Gordon (2/1)
We all have hobbies. Some of us choose to collect stamps. Some of us choose to go around planking all over the place. Well, how’s this for a hobby: shadow collecting. UH WHAT? Lack of social life much, loser? When his father vanishes mysteriously, Cully finds out that his boss at the antique shop is running a black market for shadows. Those who get their shadows taken away become totally creepy and passive. Note to Cully: do not show up for work late and do NOT ask for a pay raise! He enlists the help of his some friends, and together, they will get to the bottom of this madness! Or will they? They will. OR WILL THEY?

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