Unbreak My Heart: The Soundtrack

Need some inspiration for the new, super-awesome playlist contest we’re sponsoring with I Heart Daily? (You know, the one where you can win an iPod shuffle and $50 worth of music?) Check out the soundtrack Melissa Walker–co-editor, with Anne Ichikawa, of I Heart Daily–put together for her newest book, Unbreak My Heart. Listen to the whole thing on Spotify!


INXS, “Beautiful Girl
This song captured my heart within the first five notes, and I knew it would do the same for my main character, Clementine.

Taylor Swift, “You Belong With Me
When the guy you like is with someone else, as is the case for my character, this song is a go-to.

Billy Bragg, “Must I Paint You a Picture
This one is all about falling for someone you maybe shouldn’t fall for . . . which is what happens in Unbreak My Heart.

Elliott Smith, “Clementine
My main character’s name is Clementine, and she’s used to everyone singing her the classic, old version of “Oh, My Darlin’” . . . but she’s never heard the Elliott Smith version. Until she meets James.

Jodi Benson (The Little Mermaid Soundtrack),Part of Your World
This is a song that you belt out with your friends when you revisit this Disney movie. It represents childhood friendships in the book.

Lady Gaga, “Born This Way
This song is for Clem’s little sister, Olive, who does her own thing throughout the book, and is a total role model for Clem without either of them knowing it.


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