Craft Talk: Food Memoir Writing with Julie Powell

If there’s one thing we love more than writing here at Figment, it’s food. So writing about food? Where can we sign up?

The food memoir is a fascinating genre because books about food are really about so much more than that. Food writers view the world through the lense of what they eat–when they talk about the things they taste, cook, and chew, they’re also talking about the human experience. And when it comes to food memoirs, Julie Powell, of Julie and Julia fame, has it down, combining succulent eats with scintillating stories. Julie came to talk to Girls Write Now last month, and her discussion of food blogging and memoir writing was riveting. Catch a sneak peak below!

Want to learn more about food writing? You can watch the whole talk here. And if you’d like to try your hand at doing some food writing of your own, try this prompt:

Think of three people in your life. Then visualize a food or dish you associate with each person. Describe where—and how—this person eats this food.

Now, flip it around: what food would people associate with you? Where and when do you eat this food?

You can download more prompts from the talented GWN team by clicking here, and see a GWN mentee’s (Ava Nadel on Figment!) response to one of the prompts here.

Dying to know what it felt like to be at Julie’s talk? Check out two responses to the craft chat from GWN members (and fellow Figs!) Lara Heron and Brianna Marini on the GWN blog here and here.

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