Enter the Midnight in Austenland Contest!

If you’ve ever wanted to write a story where something real collides with something fictional, this is a perfect contest for you. Maybe you want to write about a regular kid who gets transported to the realm of his favorite video game. Or maybe his favorite board game (wait . . . has that been done before?). Enter theĀ Midnight in Austenland contest to toe the line between the real and the imaginary–isn’t that what we’re best at anyway? Deadline for entry is February 13.

One thought on “Enter the Midnight in Austenland Contest!

  1. I’d have a perfect story but im not american so i wouldn’t be able to enter the competition…it’s about a young kid at the age of 15, has his mum killed by an unknown creature then gets chosen to be a superhero from a council, he gets given new powers (fire, ice, thunder etc) weekly to protect his world from creatures that escape from books, video games, movies etc

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