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I bet you listen to a lot of music–while you’re walking to the bus stop, in between classes and at lunch, while you’re doing your homework. Do you ever listen to music while you read? Sometimes a song seems just perfect for a certain scene or mood in a book. That’s the inspiration behind Figment and I Heart Daily’s playlist contest. We’re asking you to create a soundtrack to go with your favorite book–and we’re giving away an iPod shuffle stacked with $50 of music!

To give you some inspiration, check out the soundtracks authors Michelle Zink and Lisa McMann put together for their newest books. Click here to listen to Michelle’s entire playlist for A Temptation of Angels, and click here to listen to Lisa’s entire playlist for Dead to You.

Michelle Zink on her A Temptation of Angels playlist:

A Temptation of Angels is a moody blend of fantasy, historical fiction, and Steampunk. Music is a huge part of my creative process (my son is a composer who composes original scores for all my books) and I really wanted to choose music that captures the brooding atmosphere of the book. All of these songs fit perfectly!”



Noro” Brand New (Opening Scene)
Search and Destroy” 30 Seconds to Mars (Helen’s Escape)
Sweet Dreams” Emily Browning [Eurythmics Cover] (Helen Discovers Her Identity)
Heartbeat” The Fray (Helen and Griffin Become Friends)
Breathe Me” Sia (Helen Goes Home)
Hurricane” 30 Seconds to Mars (The Warehouse)
Vices” Brand New (Helen Learns to Use the Sickle)
Firestarter” Jimmy Eat World (Helen and Raum)
Sowing Season” Brand New (Raum’s Redemption)
Be Mine” David Gray (Griffin and Helen)
Army of Me” Bjork [Sucker Punch Remix] (Battle with Abaddon)
Stay With You” The Goo Goo Dolls (Starting Over)

Lisa McMann on her Dead to You playlist:

“These songs, in the order they’re in, outline the emotions that main character Ethan can’t seem to express out loud. A boy who was abducted at age seven is now sixteen and has found his family again . . . but he doesn’t remember them. From the feeling of being alone in the world, to experiencing real love for the first time, to the heartbreak of family disfunction, this playlist is a journey of a lonely guy filled with fear and hope.”

I’m In Here” Sia (piano/vocal version)
Who Are You” The Who
Creep” Radiohead
You’re All I See” The Word Alive
Lonely Day” System of a Down
Lost” Coldplay
Born This Way” Lady Gaga
Good Riddance/Time of Your Life” Green Day
Second Chance” Shinedown

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