Angel Fire Contest Finalists!

If typically good characters were bad, and typically bad characters were good, Winnie the Pooh would have deforested Hundred Acre Wood and Voldemort would have had dozens of beautiful, tolerant, half-blood babies with Bellatrix Lestrange. Congratulations to these five finalists, who defied character stereotypes for the Angel Fire contest!


The finalists are, in no particular order:
The Dark Side” by Salina Lopez
Yes, Dida” by Lorem Ipsum
A Sinful Harmony” by Nadege K. Richards
His Kidnapper” by N.R. Encarnacion
Unholy” by Krystal Maestas

These entries will be sent to L.A. Weatherly herself for judging. All five finalists will win a killer prize pack that includes a copy of Angel Burn, a copy of Angel Fire, an Angel Burn bag, and Angel Burn temporary tattoos!

The grand-prize winner will also receive a Figment t-shirt, Figment tote, and Figment pin.

2 thoughts on “Angel Fire Contest Finalists!

  1. I read the synopsis of the second book, and I figured it would play out very similarly to what you said. And for me, there just wasn’t enough of the rest of the story to really carry it beyond the love triangle.

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