Figment Review: The Vanishing Game

The third freak: that’s what Jocelyn always called herself growing up. Together with her twin brother, Jack, and their only friend, Noah, she made her way through Seale House, a foster home that was more like a prison. The only good part of the three freaks’ collective childhood, it seemed, were the Jason December treasure hunts Jack made up to entertain them. And then one day, their already tumultuous lives were turned upside down by Jocelyn’s rash decision, and a death threat sent the twins running.

In present day, Jocelyn is a senior at programming school, haunted by the news of her brother’s death. But when a Jason December letter shows up at her door, she knows she has to follow it—the only person who would send that is Jack himself, so he must be alive somewhere. Jocelyn knows that Jack faked his death for a reason, and she’s determined to figure out what danger led him to do it.

Jocelyn tracks down Noah and brings him along, but nothing is as it seems. She can’t explain why she’s drawn back to the ghost of Seale House, and Jack’s treasure hunt is proving deadly. Forced to confront shadowy figures from their collective past, Noah and Jocelyn must battle outside (and inside) influences to rescue Jack.

Kate Kae Myer’s The Vanishing Game is definitely an interesting novel, though certain parts may be difficult to understand. The beginning is slow, despite being packed with action. But once the novel picks up (and it does, trust me), you’ll want to keep reading until you figure out what exactly happened at Seale House all those years ago. Myer creates realistic characters, but certain ones, like Jocelyn, are a little too complex. The ending seems a bit forced in its effort to wrap things up neatly, but what it reveals will make you want to read the novel again from the beginning. In all, The Vanishing Game is a mixed read, but those of you who enjoy challenging plots should give it a go. It is definitely a fresh idea, and for that, I award The Vanishing Game three out of five jars of Nutella.


Marna is a current high school student on the East Coast. Reading, writing, and music are her LIFE, as well as her friends and family. She is in the process of writing about four different novels (because her attention span is insanely short) and she hopes to become published very soon!


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