The Girls Write Now Digital Remix Contest Finalists

A couple of weeks ago, we announced the Girls Write Now Digital Remix contest. And before long, we had more awesome Digital Remix candidates than we could shake a stick at! The riki-riki-remixers had their first remixing workshop this weekend, and they came away with some finalist choices. These six stories are in the running to be digitally remixed by the stellar mentor/mentee pairs at Girls Write Now:

Disturbing Dream Garden by Victoria

Year of the Four Farewells by Faith Watson

If These Wings Could Fly by Catch Me

Nightmare by Helena Valvur

The Coat by Loingseach Nic Phib

Don’t Give a Damn by Ella B

Congrats to all! Be sure to tune in next week to see the winners and learn what went down at the first Digital Remix workshop.

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