Bewitching Flash Fiction

Alex Flinn has a way with fairy tales. She can take the most well-known fable, add some spice, and turn it into something surprising and fresh. In this case, the spice is Kendra, an immortal witch and a shameless meddler in mortal affairs who’s changing the traditional fairy-tale recipe. For instance, take one part Beauty and the Beast, add two parts Kendra, and BAM! You’ve got Beastly, in which Kendra, disguised as an ugly high school student, teaches an arrogant boy about the meaninglessness of external beauty. Add a sprinkle of Kendra to a boiling pot of Cinderella, and POOF! You’ve got Bewitching, in which Kendra, returning to high school, has juuuuust the thing to help innocent Emma get rid of her conniving stepsister . . . and it isn’t a pumpkin.

Inspired by Bewitching (which you can start reading on Figment), we have a string of flash fiction mini-contests for you!

Every day for the next five days (through Saturday, February 25), we’ll be updating this post with a new iconic fairytale item and a new tag (so create a new book for each prompt). Your challenge: write a short-short story that takes that item and puts it in a new context.

You’ll have 24 hours to write a story (of 100 words or fewer) that responds to the prompt. The Figment editorial staff will read all the entries and choose its favorite, based on creativity, originality, and execution. One winner per daily prompt will receive a copy of Bewitching.

And now, onto the prompts!

Closed–(Feb 25): Write about a red cape/cloak.
Tag your story “BewitchingFlash” and “BewitchingCape”
You have until 12:00 p.m. EST on February 26 to enter.

Closed–(Feb 24): Write about a spinning wheel.
Tag your story “BewitchingFlash” and “BewitchingWheel”
You have until 12:00 p.m. EST on February 25 to enter.

Closed–(Feb 23): Write about a rose.
Tag your story “BewitchingFlash” and “BewitchingRose”
You have until 12:00 p.m. EST on February 24 to enter.

Closed–(Feb 22): Write about a pumpkin.
Tag your story “BewitchingFlash” and “BewitchingPumpkin”
You have until 12:00 p.m. EST on February 23 to enter.

Closed–(Feb 21): Write about an enchanted mirror.
Tag your story “BewitchingFlash” and “BewitchingMirror”
You have until 12:00 p.m. EST on February 22 to enter.

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98 thoughts on “Bewitching Flash Fiction

  1. Can we put all of our entries, for all five days, into one book? As long as we tag them for each story? Like, each chapter would be one day’s entry. But there’d be five chapters, one per day…would that be okay?

  2. Would it be possible to re-tag an old contest entry (that didn’t win for that particular contest) if it fits the prompt for the day?

    • Hi halle,

      Yes, you may do so, but please note that the winner will not necessarily be posted immediately after the contest has ended.

  3. Hi Rebecca!

    How long does it take for my entry to appear under the “show all entries” page? Is my obsessive refresh-button bruising unnecessarily paranoid?

    • Hi Janelle,

      It usually takes around 2 hours. If it’s still not showing up, tell me the name of your story, and I will investigate.

      • Hello Rebecca!

        I checked today under “all entries” and my story, ‘You Pretty Girl’ for the “mirror” prompt, is still nowhere to be found! If I’ve made a transcription error in the tagging, please let me know . . .

        • I also re-tagged my story (using the same tags as I had before) not sure if this will help, but I’ll check back in two hours and see.

          • Posted another story titled “The Best Killers Wear Petals” for today’s prompt. It has been two hours and that hasn’t shown up either. Is it me????

          • Hi Janelle,

            The tags were incorrect. I have removed the spaces and fixed them for you. Your story should appear now.

        • Hi Janelle,

          The story did not show up because it was tagged incorrectly. The tags were supposed to be BewitchingFlash and BewitchingMirror (no spaces). Sorry!

          • Thank you very much, I will be diligent in tagging my stories properly from now on! Thanks again 🙂

  4. When will the winners for each prompt be posted? All together, or one each day? What happens if one person wins two prompts?

    Sorry for all the questions :/

    • Hi Alex,

      We will most likely post the winners at the beginning of next week. It is possible for one person to win two prompts, as each prompt presents a new opportunity for any entrant to win. Hope this helps!

  5. How will we know who is chosen for each contest? Will you just tell everyone after the week and five contests are up, or will it take longer than that?

  6. hi, am i supposed to receive a pop-up confirmation for my entry, because i wrote mine, and it doesn’t show among the entries.

  7. Hello Rebecca,

    I submitted my entry (Just One Bite) for the flash fiction due today, and it has been two hours, and I still do not see it in the list of entries. Have I tagged it properly?

    Thank you,


  8. Are we allowed to use a part from another piece that we’re working on that follows the guidelines or does it have to be a new one?

    • Hi Paint,
      Your story must be published within the entry period. You may borrow from other stories, but your entry should be original.

  9. Bewitching flash.

    A seed grows into a sapling.
    The sapling grows into an unbloomed bush.
    Bushes grow flowers.
    Flowers can be anything; Like roses.
    Roses can be distinguished by petal type and color.
    Colors can range from blue to yellow, from red to black.
    Roses are unique.
    You are unique.

    • Hi LaDonna,

      Just create a new Figment book, tag it correctly with BOTH tags (BewitchingFlash, and that day’s tag), and then click “Publish Now.”

  10. I wrote and published my story “And the Wheel Goes ‘Round” (for the spinning wheel prompt) half an hour before the time limit. However, ten minutes after 12:00 P.M. EST, I realized that I had tagged it “bewitchedflash” and “bewitchedwheel” instead of “bewitchingflash” and “bewitchingwheel”. I retagged my story properly, but I’m afraid that I was too late.

    Can my story still be considered for judging?


  11. Hello,

    I entered my entry for the spinning wheel last night, but it’s still not coming up. I looked through all the pages.

    Sorry to bother you, but could you check it out for me?
    Title: What I Am


  12. How do you know if your story got submitted to the contest? I tagged my story Vanishing Act for today’s contest (2/25/12) with “bewitchingflash” and “bewitchingcape” but I’m not sure if it got entered.

  13. Since there are so many entries and only one winner for each prompt, you should post two or three runner ups for each prompt, too.

  14. Dangit Rebecca! Post the winners so we shall be rescued from our suspense! Pretty, pretty please with a cherry on top!!!

    Dying with anticipation.

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