Figment Is the Innovator of the Year!

Balloons and excitement and confetti and Kanye West running up onstage and he’s-a let us finish, but–

Figment is being honored with the 2011 Los Angeles Times Book Prizes Innovator’s Award. Previously, the award has gone to Dave Eggers (he of the Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius) and the amazing Powell’s Books, so we’re in good company. The Innovator’s Award “recognizes the people and institutions that are doing cutting edge work to bring books, publishing and storytelling into the future,” and is being given to Figment for being “an early adaptor of the digital landscape as a publishing and literary territory, and a site in constant evolution, developing and expanding to meet both the needs of its users and its own digital imperatives.”

Aw, shucks, LA Times. *Scuffs ground*

Check out the full list of nominees here.

Essentially? We’re boss. Check out this artist rendering of the award ceremony.

Photo Credit to Mick Roche

That’s Dave Eggers on the left. That’s us on the right. Like we said–Boss.


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