Wild Witch Showdown!

We’re not saying we’re the most qualified people to judge a to-the-paint showdown of famous pop-culture witches, but we are featuring an excerpt of Alex Flinn‘s new novel, Bewitching. You can start reading right now about Kendra–the witch behind some of the most well-known acts of magic in the world. (Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo, anyone?) We’re also hosting five days of flash fiction all about magical totems and items. We’ve ALSO watched every episode of Buffy. Twice. So, we’re not saying we’re the best qualified? But we’re not NOT saying that.

Who’s the best pop culture witch of all time? Get informed about each combatant and then vote for your favorite in the poll at the bottom!

Sugar and Spiciest: Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer





Most Misunderstood: Elphaba from Wicked

It’s not easy being green, though I think Elphaba would agree that the pigment issue is only slightly less annoying than the part about how she’s unfairly persecuted just because she has incredible power and isn’t blonde. You have to give Elphie mad props for being all misunderstood and evil-not-evil while singing her pointy hat off (in the musical version, at least).



Hardest Working: The Halliwells from Charmed

Three sisters and the power of three! And then one sister gets killed and it’s all SURPRISE OTHER NEW SISTER, STILL THE POWER OF THREE. These siblings fight more Big Bads than any other witch we can think of! They’re conquering a new terror, like, every single day. It’s insane. In. Sane.



Brightest (Witch of Her Age):
Hermione from Harry Potter

We can’t have a witch-off without mentioning Hermione! She’s super-legit. Like, in the future? It’s entirely possible she will become the Kleenex of witches. People will be like, “And then it was revealed that the character was a Hermione! Sorry, a witch.” In the same way people have to correct themselves now when they say “Kleenex” and instead say, “Excuse me, facial snot tissue.”



Most Wicked: Jadis, The Snow Queen from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

You can’t touch this with a 10-foot icicle. She’s conniving, greedy, and she peddles inferior snacks. (Seriously, I was so stoked to have Turkish delight for the first time and then was so un-stoked by what it actually tasted like.) She tried to kill Aslan. Aslan! He’s all that is good and shiny and perfect in the world! Plus, Tilda Swinton scares me.



13 thoughts on “Wild Witch Showdown!

    • Agreed! Tara was the one who really encouraged Willow from the beginning to grow more as a witch. Willow arguably wouldn’t have gotten nearly as powerful or even interested in Wicca if it hadn’t been for Tara. Tara’s been through a lot and only came out stronger, more beautiful, and more bad@$$!

    • That’s true, Tara was a part time major character, but I still liked willow more than Tara, and Elphaba out of all the witches.

  1. I think Hermione’s going to win, whatever anyone says. I personally voted for Elphaba, but because of the success of HP, Hermione’s reached out to more people of this generation.

  2. Firstly: YAY another Eponine!!! (I think.)

    Secondly: Elphaba is awesome, definitely. (Voted!) But I do agree with you – EVERYONE knows who Hermionie is. You mention Elphaba – you get lots of O_o faces. Hermionie = ^_^ faces. Sort of.

  3. omg i’m so glad you put in Willow! most people have forgotten about the awesomeness of Buffy the Vampire Slayer(highly recommend it-7th season isn’t that great though- and btw, it’s on netflix streaming!)
    willow has always been one of my fave characters- sweet, nerdy, cute, and awesome acting too- and then she goes all evil that one time…

  4. ALSO: Beastly was a MUCH better book than the movie. Seriously? Tattoos? That’s pretty normal for New York! AND it’s the wrong high school name. AND both Kendra and Lindy were supposed to be unattractive(But Kendra did get attractive in the book at one point). AND there’s no mirror. AND Will was supposed to be a sentimental, sweet blind guy. I’m surprised they even got Kyle’s name right!

  5. I’m so glad the three sisters in Charmed were added here.
    Their show is very addicting, and they don’t use wands.
    Very different from the Harry Potter series. But I think Hermione is so going to win this contest. 1. Because of the success of Harry Potter books.
    2. Because she is someone that is pleasing to teen readers.
    3. She is the smartest and most magically active witch out of all the rest of this contest.

  6. I HAD to vote for Elphaba, simply because the musical would slip under most people’s radar. I do love Hermione though (so I’ll be happy if either she or Elphie win), like aspects of the Charmed sisters (the older seasons got a bit weird for me), and second the comment about Tori!!

  7. Hermione will always, always, always be the best. Do not mistake what I say–HERMIONE is the best. Not Emma Watson. I love Emma too, but Hermione is far greater. FAR GREATER.
    In second place comes the Halliwells. Pardon my French, but they are totally kickass and I love them, too. “Charmed” is my guilty pleasure on days when school sucks and I come home to pretend I’m adventurous too while watching one of their many episodes. 😀 Reruns ROCK.
    In third place comes Jadis. She’s evil. I’ll give you that. They chose a fantastic actress to play her, and you can’t help but hate her because she’s just so good at playing that part! I doubt she’ll ever be able to successfully portray a role that isn’t evil because of that one very well-known role in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. You’ve just got to love how utterly evil she is. (And I experienced the disappointment with Turkish Delight, too. It’s just not that great, sadly.)
    That’s my rundown. I don’t really know the other two all that well–I know! The horror! They’re both so well-known that I know their names, just not their whole stories–so I can’t pass judgement on them. But this…this is my ranking of the above-given.
    However, I would also like to state that there are a lot of other totally awesome witches, too, who would happily belong on this list…because they’re AWESOME. 🙂 The world of literary witches of awesome is not limited to just these five.

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