Happy Birthday to Books (2/19-2/25)

Hello again, Figs! It’s that time again–we’ve got the 411 on some books that you won’t want to miss out on. Keepers, one and all. We promise.

Fever by Lauren DeStefano (2/21)
Fever is the second book in the Chemical Garden series and it picks up right where Wither left off. Within the blink of an eye, you’ll find yourself fully immersed in the action. Rhine may have escaped the mansion, but she’s not in the clear yet. Far from it. Accompanying her on her quest to rescue her brother in Manhattan is Gabriel. Together, they encounter even more dangers–including entail an encounter with Madame, a creepy old woman who makes it her job to collect girls and auction them off, and Vaughn, Rhine’s father-in-law, who is determined to get her back to the mansion. Be prepared to deal with really fast-paced action and plot twists . . . it gets pretty crazy, guys.

A Beautiful Evil by Kelly Keaton (2/21)
A Beautiful Evil follows where Darkness Becomes Her left off. Ari just found out that her mother is none other than…drum roll…Medusa. She senses herself becoming a gorgon and the evil in her is rising, but she’s not the only one who can see this. While Ari is determined not to become a gorgon, Athena (the goddess of wisdom) is hell-bent on possessing Ari’s power and she’ll do whatever it takes to get it, even if it means hurting Ari’s loved ones. Oh, there’s about to a be a cat-fight up in here that you won’t want to miss. Camera phones recommended. TMZ ain’t got nothing on this.

The Catastrophic History of You and Me by Jess Rothenberg (2/21)
Heartbreak sucks. And then you move on . . . but it wasn’t like that for Brie (brace yourself for cheese jokes). At sixteen, she literally dies of a broken heart. Such a Muenstrous thing to go through. Each chapter of the story is modeled after the stages of grief. Brie feels Provalone as she’s wandering through the afterlife, but luckily, she meets Patrick (another lost soul) who makes the transition easier for her. Together, they unravel the secret to lost-love Jacob’s betrayal, but something unexpected happens–Brie starts to see that Patrick may be the key to her happiness. Queso, this is a must-read. If the cheesy puns haven’t reeled you in, then I don’t know what will. Shirazly.

Double by Jenny Valentine (2/21)
Sixteen-year-old Chap has run away from home. He doesn’t expect anyone to go looking for him, but when someone recognizes him from a Missing Person poster, things start to get fishy. Why, you ask? Well, the boy pictured in the poster isn’t him, but it’s another boy named Cassiel Roadnight!  Chap takes over Cassiel’s life (isn’t that what you do for fun?), giving him the social life that he never had. The big but: what if Cassiel comes back. . . and what if he doesn’t? Does that mean he’s been murdered? Could that potentially put Chap in danger? Oh, the suspense! That’ll teach you to take someone else’s identity. Looking at you, Chap.

Fighting For Dontae by Mike Castan (2/20)
Javier is in a gang called the Playaz. Together, they do totally badass gang things. One problem–Javier’s in seventh grade! In seventh grade, all I was worried about was how my hair looked (amazing, obvs) and if a certain boy liked me (he did, obvs). So Javier is a tough gangster. . . until he has to work with the special education class. SOCIAL LIFE = OVER! Luckily, Javier has more compassion than that and eventually bonds with Dontae, one of the special education students. As his world is crumbling around him like a really crappy cookie, Javier realizes that he cares for Dontae very much and that he is the only thing worth fighting for. D’awww.

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