What You Missed on Glee

Season 3, Episode 14 “On My Way”

If you’re the sort of person who is susceptible to emotional manipulation, maybe skip this week and just reread last week’s gleecap.

Warning: This post is going to be a sad sandwich. Sad/happy/sad. Hold the snark, because last night, Glee brought the heavy.

Karofsky, bullied and tormented by his new schoolmates for being gay, tries to hang himself. The scenes of Karofsky slowly preparing to kill himself are interspersed with shots of Blaine, on stage alone, singing a cover of Young the Giant’s “Cough Syrup.” It was really tragic and had this terrible inevitability–you knew exactly what David Karofsky was going to do when the song ended. Chilling.

I forget, because she’s always so bat-crap-cray-cray, that Sue is a teacher because she feels passionately about her students. On hearing of Karofsky’s attempt, she begins crying, wondering if there’s something she could have done. She imagines what his father must have felt, finding his son on the closet floor. The flashback of this moment–of David’s father cradling his son and screaming for help–was absolutely heartbreaking.

Karofsky’s attempted suicide makes Sebastian realize he has to stop behaving like the sandbox bully who screams “Earthquake!” and then smashes everyone else’s castles. Sebastian calls a truce with the New Directions and stops his current scheme–he’s been using a photoshopped picture of a naked Finn in red pumps to blackmail Rachel out of Regionals–and, at Regionals, everyone is sunshine and happy friends.

Funny middle part!

Sue is pregnant, probably with the spawn of Satan.

One of the Regional judges is an amateur vampire.

Did we mention the photoshopped picture of a naked Finn in red pumps?

Also, music was spot on this episode. Double-dose of the Warblers, always welcome. And! AND! Return of the Trouble Tones!

Now that Sebastian is no longer evil, I can finally say…

Back to the sad bread!

Rachel and Finn decide that life is too short to waste and decide to get married just after Regionals. Quinn is driving, trying to get to the ceremony in time. She reaches down and sends a text to Rachel saying that she’s on her way, and then the episode ends with a shot of a car slamming into the driver’s side of Quinn’s car.

In the office, the debate went like this:

“You think she’s gonna be dead?”
“Why would they kill her off? She’s going to Yale at the end of this season anyway!”
“Exactly. She’s leaving anyway. Why not kill her off?”
“The Quachel shippers will revolt! So will the Quams, the Quaines, the Qucks, the Quantanas . . .”
“Glee doesn’t like committing to story arcs that last more than one episode. They’ve got this marriage thing to handle, and NYADA. If they kill her, they’re gonna have to spend more than one episode dealing with it. I say she stays.”

We turn to you: can they kill off Quinn? Leave your opinion in the comments.

If you or anyone you know is suffering from suicidal thoughts, please refer to this list. There are people who want to help.

21 thoughts on “What You Missed on Glee

  1. Honestly, this was one of the better episodes of Glee in a long time. Dealing with such a heavy subject as teen suicide in many of the right ways… Having such a shocking cliffhanger that kept fans’ jaws dislodged for many hours after and possibly even still.

    As for Quinn… Just kill her off. She isn’t THAT crucial to the story anymore. Besides, the Grim Reaper got cheated off once in this episode, so why not appease it with her instead?

  2. They cannot kill Quinn! It would change the entire show, and Glee would be all depressing next season. They should put her in the hospital and then everyone should start singing and then she should wake up. Glee should be funny and happy, hence the name Glee!

  3. I feel like she’s not going to die, but she’ll be so seriously impaired that she won’t be able to do Cheerios. Maybe she’ll even contemplate suicide like she said she never would. Who knows?

  4. I really hope she doesn’t die.
    I don’t think they can kill her, anyway. There’d be too many different topics to deal with in the upcoming season.

  5. They’re going to
    a) kill her off, then in about two weeks, we’ll see in the news that she got a part in a big movie or new TV show
    b) she’ll get amnesia and then it’ll come out that she was haveing an affair with Joe, and then everyone will freak then get all sympathetic.

  6. Kay, first off, it’s Damian with an A.

    Second, this episode was so incredibly sad and moving… Cough Syrup mashed with Karofsky’s suicide attempt just moved me to tears – and I don’t cry easy.

    I already knew what would happen to Quinn (I’m a Tumblr person – spoilers are inevitable lol). It was creepy (but cool) how the name of the episode was the last thing Quinn texted before the crash.

    TRIVIA: Damian had actually never tried peanut butter before Glee, just like his character, Rory! He had eaten it a few weeks before (he claimed the Glee guys “forced” him to eat a PB&J). He has also never eaten bananas.

  7. This was one of the best episodes Glee’s put out in awhile. I literally burst into tears for Karofsky during the suicide scene (and I’m not even that much of a crier).

    I really hope that they at least make this new Quinn subplot somewhat interesting, instead of just abandoning it like they tend to do with their intriguing subplots. I kind of think amnesia would be an interest idea (even if it’s soap opera-y. Though I thought the pregnancy subplot in the first season was the worst offense of that. Anyway…) but I have a feeling they’re going to put her in a coma for a little while or she’ll be miraculously okay but seriously shaken up or traumatized (which would suck because she’s FINALLY on track).

  8. Oh, She’s dead all right.
    Why wouldn’t she be, I mean she is the perfect character to kill off because:
    1)It would not cause other characters to do something drastic (i.e. If Rachel died, over emotional Fin might do something drastic) though they all love her enough to make it a VERY depressing thing if/when she dies

    2)We all wanted her to go on and succeed, she was going to Yale, becoming a cheerio (AGAIN), and she finally got over her post baby depression and has made an internal choice to move on. Also, as we know by the God squad meetings, she just found God. The writer has been setting this up for EPISODES.

    Sorry to say, I don’t think Quinn is coming back.


    • I must say, I completely agree. It will be soap opera-y, but I think it’s one of the most dramatic moves they could make at this time. It can show how people handle losing loved ones differently from one another.

  9. If they delete Quinn off the show Glee is sadly mistaken this show for Young and The Restless. Quinn added flavor to the show and if she dies she will always be remebered.She just started doing good in her life. She’s over the whole baby thing, going to Yale, and found God. What more can you ask for in her. And she is supporting Rachel in the whol marriage ordeal. Writters wake up. This is what us Glee’ers have been waiting on.You just cant kill her now!!!!!LONG LIVED QUINN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • These reasons are exactly WHY they would kill her! It’s been set up. Plus, she was hit on the driver’s side door. It’s almost impossible to survive that kind of accident.

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