Enter the Bewitching Flash Fiction Contest!

I know I want a copy of Alex Flinn‘s Bewitching. The question is, do you? Correct response: “Um. Heck YES.”

Good news for all of you: You still have three (yes, count ’em!) chances to win a copy! Just click here to respond to our daily flash fiction prompt, and be sure to check the contest blog every day through this Saturday (2/25) for more chances to win.

2 thoughts on “Enter the Bewitching Flash Fiction Contest!

  1. The sickly-sweet scent overcomes my senses. My crisp peach gown crumples as I collapse to my knees in terror. The knowledge that I’m being slowly poisoned sinks in with the calming affects of the fragrance. I shake myself out of my daze as best as I can and reveiw the basics in my mind to clarify that the gas has not yet reached my brain.
    My name is Autumn. I’m 17 years old. The queen is murdering me for loving the prince. I hope he saves me. The dancing light in my head are getting brighter, those pretty, pretty, lights……

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