Valentine’s Day Dream Date Contest Finalists

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but the dream of the perfect V-Day date lives on! Congrats to the finalists in our Valentine’s Day Dream Date contest, which will be judged by the Figmods!

The ten finalists are:
Once In A Lifetime” by Melissa Somoza
I Just Know” by Amanda’s Notebook
Best Valentine’s Day Ever” by Sarah Demon Pixie
Valensoldiertine” by Lahevet
Perfect Valentine” by Olivia Rowland
Dear Dream Girl” by Mathew Martinez
“A Dream” by Jessica Boesch
A Figgy Tale” by amara
Dream Date The Lesbian Version” by Beth Connolly
Like Fireworks” by Kara Chambers

One lucky winner will receive a $100 Anthropologie gift card. Yeah, you heard us right. It’s gonna be a “shop ’til you drop” weekend for one of your fellow Figs!

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