Inkpop Joins Figment!

We’ve got some really exciting news: Our ranks are growing. The writing community inkpop is joining Figment as of March 1, 2012.

Inkpop, which was founded by HarperCollins, is a lot like Figment: a place for writers devoted to sharing and improving their work.

Since Figment first went live in December, 2010, our membership has grown beyond our wildest expectations, both in number and in quality, and we’re thrilled to be bringing inkpop’s writers into our vibrant and engaged community.

Figment will remain largely unchanged. But we do have one killer addition coming our way: Since HarperCollins wants to continue its legacy of finding great stories from online writing communities, it will be co-hosting contests with us in which the top stories get considered for publication. We’ve got just such a contest coming up soon in connection with HarperTeen’s Defy the Dark anthology, so watch our Contests page for more details.

The talent and dedication on inkpop have always been inspirational to us, and we are happy to the point of giddiness to see the users–the people that made the site so great–come on board. This is a huge milestone in Figment history, and we couldn’t be happier.

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