Reading Aloud? It’s WRAD.

Bad pun. But for an awesome occasion.

Wednesday, March 7 is World Read Aloud Day. Maybe it’s the throwback to a simpler time, the days of bedtime stories and getting tucked in to bed, but we lovelovelove reading books out loud. We’re celebrating in style with our friends at Books of Wonder! We’ll be at Books of Wonder (18 W. 18th Street, between 5th and 6th Ave., New York City) starting at 3:00 p.m. on March 7 for a read-aloud and writing workshop.

“But I am not a New York fig and I want to go and how can I participate and you all have very pretty hair.” -Actual Figment user. For realsies. Pinkie swears.

Do we? Oh. Hadn’t even noticed. *hair flip* What better way to get involved in World Read Aloud Day than to have your work read out loud? Trick question. No better way. From now until March 6 at 5p.m., tag your existing or brand new 500 – 1,000 word story with readingiswrad and get a shot at having your story read–out loud, of course–by Alecia Whitaker (author of The Queen of Kentucky). Three stories will be chosen by Figment editors based on clarity, creativity, and amazingosity and Alecia will read them aloud on March 7.

How will you know if your story got chosen? You won’t know until the day of the event when a published author starts reading your story! Best surprise ever.

We’ll also be hosting a writing session from 4:00 to 4:30 p.m. where we throw some prompts at you and put the pressure on! ‘Cause you can’t read it aloud until it’s written!

Check out the full guidelines here and we hope to see you on March 7!

*AND if you’re not in New York and in addition to having your work read aloud by the amazing Ms. Whitaker, you also want to get in on some live WRADness, there are loads of other events going on around the country. Check out the LitWorld site to find something near you.

84 thoughts on “Reading Aloud? It’s WRAD.

  1. Wow, this sounds awesome! I hope I can think of a good enough story to participate. Does this have to be fairytale style, or can it be anything?

  2. Are you sure you can change the time period for the prompts? Most kids don’t come back from school until 4:30… Are you also doing this on the weekend?

  3. I wish this was happening later in the day. In New York City, my school day ends at 4:30, without after school programs! 🙁

    Oh, well. This is still a fabulous opportunity from an increasingly fabulous website partnering with a wonderfully fabulous book store!! 🙂

  4. Is it alright if my story is 400 words? It’s a rather emotional story and I wouldn’t want to extend it anymore.

  5. My story is about 6,000 word but I’m entering the first 1,000. Do I new to create another story for just the 1,000 words to enter it?

  6. Do you have any idea of what the main age group hearing this will be?
    Also, can we use a story that we’ve already written?

  7. Totally excited for this. I do have one quick question though: can we submit a story that we have entered in another contest?

    • Hey Sam-

      On the edit page of your story add the required contest tag to the tags. Double check that it is correct and save! You’re now entered. On contests that require a new story to be written, your book on Figment will need to be created within the entry period.

  8. The book I want to enter is 1,090 and I’m mad I can’t enter it. But yet,there are people entering 1,400 worded books. That doesn’t seem fair.

    • Hey Arianna-

      Only books that fall within the word limit will be eligible. If you’d like to edit your story down, you are free to do so! You may also post an edited version of your story for entry.


  9. How do you know if you won if you don’t live in New York? Is it going to come on tv? Also, can you submit more than one entry?

  10. The story I wanna enter is 1 word short of 500 and it was entered in the 17mag contest, but didn’t make it into the final round. Can I enter it?

    • Hey Tali-
      The word minimum is 500, so you can edit your story to hit the minimum. Otherwise, you’re good to go!

    • Hey Chloe-

      We’re putting together a video of the reading, so the video and announcement should be available sometime next week.

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