Winners of the Bewitching Flash Fiction Contest!

Congratulations to these Figs, who added some sugar and spice to typical story recipes by placing classic fairytale elements in new contexts. Feast your eyes on the winners of the Bewitching Flash Fiction Contest!


Prompt #1: Write about an enchanted mirror.
Winner: Silver Lies by Sabrina Wang

Prompt #2: Write about a pumpkin.
Winner: The Great Pumpkin Carriage Dinner by E.R. Warren

Prompt #3: Write about a rose.
Winner: Green Thumb by Emery Hale

Prompt #4: Write about a spinning wheel.
Winner: Frigg’s Distaff by Carly Gordon

Prompt #5: Write about a red cape/cloak.
Winner: Wooded Path by S.A. Devlin

All five winners will win a copy of Alex Flinn‘s Bewitching (which you can start reading on Figment). Thanks to everyone who participated!


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