Seventeen Magazine Contest Finalists!

They’re finally here! The following 60 entries–50 of which were the top-hearted on Figment, and 10 of which were selected by the editorial staff at Seventeen Magazine–are finalists in the Seventeen Magazine Fiction contest! Just one entrant will win: a $5,000 cash prize, the opportunity to have her story published on, and a phone call with Maggie Stiefvater, author of the Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy and The Scorpio Races. Congratulations to all of them, and thanks to all of you who entered. Stay tuned for more results!

The 50 top-hearted stories:
Broken Chains by Molly
Apollo’s Wings by Maria Jones
Invisible by Sabrina F.
Fay in the Meadow by Kayelin R.
What I Wish I Had Known by Aviva Peltin
I Love Him Not by amarakatnisst
Repairers of the Deceptive World by Shortskie
Simply Myself by Elizabeth Bells
Friends by Nina
The Girl Holding Grief by krystelle faulkener
Raised to Kill by Anya Fox
Every Girl Has a Story by Xena Pulliam
Days Ago by Anna Browne the Vampire
Glass by Alexandra Linton
Just in Case Your Forgot by TemptedFiction
Guilt by thefrankie
Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Jaso Bolay
Cross My Heart by ImaginativeGirl
Just Like Cherry Blossoms by Helena Austen Moore
Caged by Danielle Allen
Popcorn by Julia (cavyheart)
Forget by Sophia Freuden
Best Friends by Megan M.
Veronica by Laura French
My Prince Charming by Haylee LaBossiere
Perfect by Krystal Swarovski
Three Hundred Twenty-Four Cuts by Abbi Lavine
Painting His Grave by Alyssa Antoine
Like Lingering Noise by M. Lee
Too Late to Change by Okami Aonair
The Other Side by Jina!
Beautiful by Reghan Conrey
Sorry by Rachel Hera
Flushed by Isabel Anna
Take Me With You by Brigid
Her Perfect Flaw by Catherine Leffert
My Life is Normal by Sandya Krishna
Chocolate Eyes by Alexia Hargreaves
Powdered Snow Day by Cassidy Reves-Sohn
As Green Stars by Angela Pupino
DIVE by Maggie Skye
So Lovely by Ana Curtis
All he Wrote by Kaela G.
No Joy Ride by Mary Morgan Craig
The Kill by Christina Rachel
Shattered Silhouettes by Anna Burkhart
Umbrella Kindness by Laura D.
Her by Silverpool Wonderland
Tears by Hannah Merrill
Through a Child’s Eyes by Tiffani Torres

10 stories chosen by the editorial staff of Seventeen Magazine:
She Was Said to Be Cluttered by Amber Nicole
The Journey to Happiness by Maria Diakantoniou
Elena and the Broken Bus Stop by Winry Wick
Trips in My Mind by Dani Walters
Grand Pas, Danseur Noble by Samantah Beauvais
The Quiet Rebellion of Nora Pembrooke by Caroline Brown
This is A Love Story by Krista Ogilvie
Skipping Stones by Fawkes “Fawkester”
Ballerina by Haley C.
Deferred by Arianna Rees

83 thoughts on “Seventeen Magazine Contest Finalists!

  1. I don’t even care about winning! I’m just happy I made it in the top 50!!! Congrats to everyone else and May The Odds Forever Be In Your Favor!

  2. Congratulations to the finalists! 🙂 Good luck, everyone!

    So those who are not chosen can continue their stories? Like add more chapters to their stories and exceed the word-limit?

  3. Woo! Made it! I’m so psyched. XD Congrats and good luck to everyone else who made the finals! And thank you everyone who hearted my story. This is awesome.

  4. Well, i guess this means i can’t write. #EpicFail, I’m going to go cry in a corner now. When my book (AKA Continuation of my short story) gets PUBLISHED in a few years….YOU GUYS WILL RUE THE DAY!!!!

  5. Congrats to the finalists!
    I’m pretty sure I was one of the top 50 most hearted.. Oh well. I worked so hard:/

  6. Congrats everyone!

    My money is on Elizabeth Bells with Simply Myself!! I beleive in you girly!!!

    Once again, congrats finalists!

  7. What?!?….this can’t be happening! I’m a FINALIST?!? It’s such an honour to have an author like Maggie Stiefvater to read my work! Even that just gives me butterflies. I wish everyone luck…as EVERY SINGLE ENTRY deserves it!

  8. YAY!!! IM A FINALIST!!!
    If I win, I want the phone call and the publication. The money means near nothing to me (my friends are already hounding me for a portion. super annoying…. ><).
    Good luck everyone!!! may the best story win!!!

  9. Congrats to all the finalists! They’re all amazing stories, although I’m rooting for “Raised to Kill”! An incredibly talented writer and an an awesome story, my bets are set on you 100%! GOOD LUCK!

    Congrats again to everyone!

  10. Congrats to all the finalists! I’m very happy for you. 🙂

    *tries her best to hold back tears because she didn’t make it*

    Keep up the fantastic work! ^-^

  11. So excited to find out. I’m sure I didn’t win but I made my goal of being a finalist so I’m content I guess. I’ve read most of the stories and can’t wait to find out the winner. I’m sure they’ll be most deserving. The anticipation is killing me though 😉 Good Luck all!

  12. Can’t wait to hear who wins! 😀 I wish everyone the best and here’s hoping we don’t have to wait much longer! 🙂

  13. …We’re getting into mid April. This is making my brain hurt. Will we know soon? ANd how soon is SOON? I’m gunna cry. Okay, not really. But sigh!!!!!

  14. Okay, so it sounds like Seventeen are the ones behind…
    *grabs pitchforks*
    (never attack the hand that feeds you… unless of course they are withholding the food)

    • Hey Anna-
      No pitchforks! All of the finalists were so phenomenal that the process is really hard and is taking some more time than expected. It’s a great problem to have–too many amazing stories!

      • Well, I must agree. I’ve read most of them and…so many are on my “OMG THATS SO FANTASTIC” list. I can understand their difficulty. but I do have a question. Will the winner be notified they have won before it’s posted? I suppose that’d make sense. I guess I was just wondering….

  15. Not to be a bother, but is there any estimate on approximately when they will finish judging? Or is it more of a wait and see for now?

  16. This is killing me! I want to roll up in a ball and rock back and forth. Oh, the anticipation! Oh, the humanity! Just let the ax fall and be done with it!

    • Yes. Just let the ax fall. From what I’ve seen here, there are many questions! The suspense is too intense. Is the winner being contacted as we speak? Has anyone been chosen? Is there any sign of anything that deals with the contest?

      I think Figment should post a “Seventeen Reassurance” page. Just to keep the entries hope and a little faith. This is just crazy…

      Just one more question…does Figment even know who the winner is?

      • I KNOW. I can’t stop logging onto Figment and my email. The anticipation is killing me! When do you think the winner will be chosen? Last year was the winner chosen this late? I hope we all find out very soon!

    • Hey Anna-

      The first was a rough guideline and voting has taken longer than could accommodate that estimated deadline. Winners will be announced as soon as they are chosen! As always, we appreciate everyone’s patience; we know how anxious everyone is for results!


  17. GAH!!!!
    D: the anticipation is killing me!
    Do you have any general time frame of when voting will be done? like next month, next week, tomorrow XD
    No rushing, take your time to make sure you choose the right person.
    However, and i know this isnt in the contest outline, but since it has been a month I think there should be another list of finalists posted just so we can know the standings so far, and so the level of anticipation can calm itself a bit.
    Just a suggestion, cause my friend is seriously freaking out about this contest

    • Hey-

      The finalists are still the same as originally posted– there are no updates to who is in the finals and hearts are no longer part of the judging process. We don’t have an estimated time for announcing, but we’ll let you know as soon as we have news!

  18. I know that voting is taking longer than anticipated but is there a rough estimate to when it might be done? Is it likely we will know by the end of May, or June? Thanks

    • Hey Elizabeth-

      Unfortunately, I don’t have an estimate to give you. As soon as we hear word, you’ll know!

  19. Wow…this is crazy. May 3rd was my birthday…was hoping for some good news…:( not yet. Could you post a Seventeen Reassurance page…I like that idea. Everyone is dying of patience. It’s been one month…I don’t think I can hang anymore. I think my blood pressure has been at an all time high…

    Is the winner being emailed…phoned or what? I haven’t recieved anything..or are they having communication problems with the winner?

        • Okay…thanks for the heads up Emily…I’m sorry. I just freaked out. I can’t believe the judging is still going on…too many interesting and talented entries!Thanks Emily! For screwing our heads back in the right place…:)


          Hang tight entries!

  20. Well….while we wait…anyone feel like sharing what inspired them to write their seventeen story?

    • ‘My Prince Charming’ was inspired by a mystery. I don’t really know, It just kind of fell out of my brain. I would say the band, The Script…I wrote it while I was listening to them.


    • There was a girl at my school who I don’t really know who I kept hearing about being in an abusive relationship. I only heard a few details, but I became morbidly curious and wrote my story about her, filling in the holes to what might have happened. It’s kind of creepy actually. Oh well.

    • Mine was inspired by places i have been and a real event. by my school there are train tracks. two years ago someone at my school comitted suicide by throwing herself onto the tracks. Up in my soul home in another state there is a little shop that sells wooden ducks, and by the tracks there is acctually a few small home-town buisness-type places. I took those things and mashed them up into a story which i feel is the best i have ever written.
      Im probably not going to win because there are so many great entries, but you should go read it. it made the strongest of my friends cry.

      • that’s so powerful!!!
        I guess My inspiration came from my besties. ONe of them is an artist and you should see her draw. I mean, shes not picasso or anything but she always seems to know how to draw something, perfect porportions. It amazes me, especially how she talks about it. I also knew a girl once, a little chubby, very nice. She was bullied but she loved dancing and I guess it kept her going. I meshed the two inspirations in my eyes and came up with “Simply Myself”

        • My story “As Green Stars” was based off of my almost-relationship with an incredible high-functioning autistic boy my freshman year. The ideas for the story were cemented by my volunteering at a booth for a local autism center at the fair. He was, and continues to be, one of the most dynamic, thoughtful, intelligent, and interesting individuals I’ve ever met, proving that austism doesn’t hinder a personality– often, it makes it that much richer. 🙂

  21. I was going through a really hard time and wished I could know for sure that everything would work out. I decided to write a letter from my future older self to a younger 14 year-old version of myself. I thought about what I wish I had known in middle school. What I wished I had known in high school. How I could reassure myself that everything would be okay. That is what inspired me. 🙂

  22. This is really great. We are focusing our attention onto our stories that WE created. You gotta admit that is pretty amazing. This page is so inspiring!

  23. I’m sad I didn’t win, I put a lot into it (revised it a bunch, purposely never published any writings for about three months during the hearting period so it’d be first on my page, countless nonspecific swaps, etc.) :/
    congrats to the girl who won though!

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