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March’s first Daily Theme was sent to us courtesy of Kevin West. Kevin spent a lucky 13 years working on the staff of W Magazine, as a European editor in Paris and a West Coast editor in L.A. An avid canner, Kevin records his delicious exploits on his blog SavingtheSeason.com, which has inspired his first cookbook, Saving the Season: a Handbook to Home Canning and Preserving, set to be released by Knopf in Spring 2012. In the meantime, he’s researching the history of water and agriculture in California’s Eastern Sierra. In his writing prompt, Kevin invites you to pull from your surroundings and infuse them with sensory details.

Figment Daily Theme–March 1, 2012
Have a pen and notebook ready. Walk into a bookstore or library. Take 30 seconds to describe the setting. Spot someone who looks interesting. Take 30 seconds to describe the person. Close your notebook.

The next day, write a description of the setting and person for other Figs. You may consult what you wrote earlier and take as much time as you like, but use no more than 100 words.

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