Happy Birthday to Books (2/26-3/3)

This hasn’t exactly been the harshest winter ever, but as we usher in March (and soon, springtime!), here are the books you guys should probably be reading while you spend those last few days curling up with a blanket and some hot tea. Enjoy!

Pandemonium by Lauren OliverPandemonium by Lauren Oliver (2/28)
In this sequel to her New York Times bestseller Delirium, Lauren Oliver ups the action ante. Lena is back, and everything she knows is gone. Her name has been erased from history, her man is gone forever, and as far as anyone is concerned, she’s dead. It’s like she joined the Men in Black, except she actually joined the Invalids in the Wilds (capitals means srsbznss), and instead of fighting aliens, she’s fighting a government that has declared love a deadly disease and banned it. Meanwhile, although she’s mourning the loss of her life (and in particular  the loss of the Boy Who Started It All, Alex), she may just be finding el amor in new places. Start reading Pandemonium here on Figment.

The Children and the Wolves by Adam Rapp (2/28)The Children and the Wolves by Adam Rapp
So basically this book is about as intense and psychological as a novella can get. Don’t believe us? Here’s the deal: Bounce, a 14-year-old upper-class honors student wants to buy a gun to shoot an author who offended her in class. In order to get the money, she convinces Orange and Wiggins (two drugged-out seventh graders) to kidnap a three-year-old girl called Frog. Then, she goes around collecting donations to help find the girl. Bam: cash money. Frog sits around playing video games about wolves all day, and then Wiggins starts to wig out (see what we did there?) and seriously considers turning Frog over to an adult before Bounce hurts her. Like we said, intense.

Riding out the Storm by Sis DeanRiding out the Storm by Sis Deans (2/28)
Zach is on a bus… in a snowstorm… to go visit his brother… who lives five states away… in a mental institution. He hasn’t seen Derek in seven months, and the story flashes back to when his family ran out of money to care for bipolar Derek and had to institutionalize him. It’s all very bleak and Zach’s kind of emo until a purple-haired punk girl makes it her business to strike up conversation with him. He’s annoyed by her at first, but as she begins to share her story he finds that she’s actually making things a bit more bearable for him. Sis Deans weaves a poignant message nicely into a heartfelt and emotional tale of teenaged life.

Fugitives by Alexander Gordon SmithFugitives: Escape from Furnace 4 by Alexander Gordon Smith (2/28)
In the fourth book of Smith’s action-packed Escape from Furnace series, Alex and his ragtag band of prison inmates–some innocent, others not quite so much–have escaped the tortuous underground penitentiary known as Furnace. Nonetheless, their problems are just beginning: police patrols, barricaded roads, and demonic monsters that would make the grim reaper weep are among their obstacles. And Alex has to stop running. He has to confront Alfred Furnace, the man who built the prison, and find out the truth about the place. Oh, and did we mention that Alex is slowly turning into a monster himself? Time is running out, so pick this one up before it’s too late! Ah!

BZRK by Michael GrantBZRK by Michael Grant (2/28)
The BZRK universe is more than just this book, the first in Michael Grant’s new series. Grant led up to it with everything from an MMO to an iPhone app meant to flesh out and introduce readers to his complex world. What’s going on in that world? Glad you asked. Everyone is at war, and most people don’t even have any idea. The Armstrong Fancy Goods Corporation is a front for GLaDOS conjoined twins Charles and Ben’s plan to use mind-control nanobots to create a utopia they call Nexus Humanus. In the other corner are the biots, DNA-based nanobots piloted by members of the resistance into infected brains to destroy the twins’ bots. That’s right, the battle is literally taking place in your brain. If you’re not hooked already, you will be soon… MUAHAHA!

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