Why yes, good sir! I would like $500.

Whitherfore can I receive this bountiful bounty?

Whitherfore? Is too a word!

All you have to do is write up a 600-character story (that’s including spaces and punctuation) about your coming-of-age moment and submit to it the Figment page at Zinch.com for a chance to win a $500 scholarship. After you enter, your story will be judged by one of *the* preeminent writers alive today…*drumroll*…*but not really a surprise*…*but still very exciting*…

The judge of our contest is Jonathan Safran Foer. THAT Jonathan Safran Foer. Author of Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (which you can start reading for a limited time, here on Figment) and Everything is Illuminated. So to recap: 600 characters. $500 dollars. The love and admiration of Jonathan Safran Foer.* You only have until March 31 to enter, and it only takes a minute. Enter now!

Click here to enter at zinch.com!

*love not included.

33 thoughts on “Why yes, good sir! I would like $500.

    • Hey-

      Coming-of-age moment means a moment when you grew up quickly. Perhaps the moment when you stopped being a little kid, or when you felt you started being an adult, feeling like an adult.

  1. What exactly qualifies as “coming of age”? Like, becoming an adult? Becoming a teen-ager? Becoming five?

    • All of them! Coming-of-age is generally a moment when someone grows up a lot in a little time. Whether that is the shift from 5 to 6 or from 18 to 18 and two days is up to you!

    • Hey Leau-

      A coming-of-age moment is a time when someone grows up very quickly, or starts thinking of himself as an adult. Interpret that however you’d like!

  2. When I click the URL, it takes me to a blank page. I’d love to enter but not even typing in the address works–and I’ve tried from two different computers and my mobile. Is anyone else having this problem?

    • Hey Cricket-
      The contest is open to college students and high school students planning on attending college. The full rules are available on Zinch here!

  3. Can this coming-of-age moment contain darker material? Such as, having to grow up too fast or a loss of innocence–as long as it’s not too explicit or graphic?

  4. I’ve tried to enter in this contest several times, but it never sent a confirm notice that it has been submitted. I filled out everything that needed to be filled even the word limit exactly at 600, but every time I agree to the terms and click enter contest, it always just reloaded to the same page. Help? 🙁

    • Hey Sophie-

      They al have to be read and finalists have to be sent to JSF before he can choose, so winners won’t be announced for a bit. Stay tuned though! And good luck.

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