Where Would You Go?

One of the coolest things in Veronica Rossi’s Under the Never Sky is the Smarteye. The main character, Aria, can’t live without it! So what is she going to do when the people of her safe-haven hometown, Reverie, kick her out? Get a glimpse of the action here on Figment.

Smarteye is fully immersive virtual reality at its most techno-mazing. You want to dine on top of the pyramids in Egypt? You are. You want to strut the catwalk in Milan? Looking fab! You want to lay in a field of clover while Oscar Wilde reads you poetry? Just one question–do like your weather fantastic or amazing?

It got us thinking: If we could create any virtual reality situation, where would we go and what would we do?

Flying to Neverland
Yes! Yes. Hands down, yes. This covers some major fantasy points: there’s flying; there’s beloved fictional characters; there’s ye olde England . . . This is a serious must.

Jousting in King Arthur’s Court
The drama of this social group! It’s like Gossip Girl, but with more fatal wounds and less whining. We know that Smarteye can make us as wealthy and powerful as we want, but if it couldn’t, a bar of Dove soap would probably have the entire kingdom worshipping at our feet.

Gotta give a shout-out to Hizzity-Hogwarts! We’d want to shadow the entire storyline, kind of like in book three? How the golden trio had to follow themselves without letting them know that they were following them? That would be us. Just slightly behind the action, off to one side, wide-eyed and giggling out of sheer joy.

Only question is, do we want to roll with The Doctor or the Spock . . .ter? That was going really well before the whole . . . all of it . . . thing. Question 2a: Doctor Ten or Doctor 11? Question 2b: Spock Zachary Quinto or–jokes. Obviously Zachary Quinto.

Photo from James Bowe

Being hand-fed peach slices by a Colin Firth-esque Mr. Darcy while Gale hunts down some dinner in the nearby woods (filled with Ents) next to our palace (which looks a lot like Disney World) and gossiping with our best friends (Adele, Edgar Allan Poe, and Daria) under a double rainbow.
Because of reasons.

10 thoughts on “Where Would You Go?

  1. Doctor. Tenth. DEFINITELY. Then I can steal his glasses. Or, you know, just throw him into a sun or two. It’s not like he’ll die.

    ALTHOUGH, if we go with Eleven, can I meet Rory?! I know he’s married and all, but that doesn’t mean I can’t drool over him.

  2. I’d say Never Land, personally. But if I could choose my own? Minas Tirith all the way. I’ve wanted to go there ever since I read the Lord of the Rings at nine.

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