Alecia Whitaker to Read Figmenter Stories!

On March 7, our friend Alecia Whitaker–the fancy published author of The Queen of Kentucky–will be reading Figmenter stories aloud! You can enter an existing or brand new story for consideration. It’s part of World Read Aloud Day, and definitely something you want to get involved in. Local? Come join us at Books of Wonder on March 7. We’ll be running workshops and passing out swag . . . it’s going to be a great time!

One thought on “Alecia Whitaker to Read Figmenter Stories!

  1. This is my first official work on Figment. I’ve been writing Fanfiction for just about a year now and I figured it was time to write new original material.

    This story is based around the sea, and how it can carry many secrets and dangers. It is not finished yet, but the plot thickens as the story develops.

    The story is called Voyage: Shadows on the Shore”

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