Facebook Flash Fiction: There is No Dog Edition

Recently, we challenged you on Facebook to supply a quick and pithy response to a question inspired by Meg Rosoff‘s There Is No Dog, a hilarious book that re-imagines God as a teenaged boy.


We asked:

You meet a super cute guy or girl who seems perfect, but is somehow a bit unsettling. In the comments, describe what it is about him/her that troubles you.

And below, some of our favorite responses:

Angelina Bona: “When we stop at a gas station and he gets powered beef jerky.”

Mimi Robins: “He seems to pick out all the pointy, potentially dangerous things in the room and glance at them sideways when he thinks I’m not looking. After all, they’re not going to jump up and attack him, are they?”

Marissa Antola: “The dark circles under his eyes, the black hair buzz cut, the one tattoo with the word “mom” calligrafied into a nice pink rose on his arm.”

Thanks for participating!

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