Kim Harrington Talks Whodunit and Death Cab

We love a good mystery–especially one that brings us back to our Nancy Drew days with a strong, clever girl detective at the helm. In Perception, Kim Harrington’s justreleased sequel to Clarity which you can begin reading on Figment for a limited time here, Clare Fern is a teen detective with a special ability: she’s psychic. She’s a different kind of heroine because she has this paranormal ability, and she’s a blast to read about, partly due to her sarcastic, witty commentary. We had a chance to sit down with Kim and discuss Clarity, Perception, and her writing style.

Describe Perception in 5 words.

Psychic girl solves murders . . . sarcastically.  😉

Clarity and Perception feature Clare, a smart, strong, funny teen from a long line of psychics. Are you and Clare alike at all?

Clare and I share a love of sarcasm and junk food. And we’re both crazy loyal to our families. But Clare is definitely braver than I am. And then there’s the whole psychic thing . . .

Both the Clarity books and your upcoming Sleuth or Dare series for kids are driven by whodunit-type mysteries. What were your favorite mystery reads growing up?

When I was a kid, my favorite series was Choose Your Own Adventure. I loved the suspense and the mystery, but I think the reason the series appealed to me most was because I controlled what would happen next. Even then, I wanted to write the ending!

Clarity was recently optioned for television! Have you cast the novel in your head? Who would be the perfect Clare?

I admit to some mental fantasy casting. Sometimes I’ll see an actor or actress on TV and think—it’s Justin! Or . . . Gabriel! I think Skyler Samuels, Molly Quinn, and Jane Levy would each make a perfect Clare.

You’ve mentioned that music played an important role in inspiring you while writing Perception. Which musicians inspire you?

When starting a new project I like to make a playlist to put me in that book’s mood. The first song I put on Perception’s playlist was “I Will Possess Your Heart” by Death Cab for Cutie. My favorite band is Interpol, so they’re always in every playlist I make. And sometimes I can only write to instrumental music. In those times, I find Explosions In The Sky totally inspiring. They’re amazing musicians who play with raw emotion.

You warned readers of your soon-to-be-released novel Perception to not read the last page first. Do you usually take a peek at the ending when you read a new book?

Never! I think it’s insane. I didn’t even know people did this until a Twitter conversation last year. But, it’s true, some people like knowing the ending first. I think that would ruin the entire book, especially a mystery novel. But to each her own!

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