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In this edition of What The Fig?, Figment user Briana reviews long-time favorite TV show “Grey’s Anatomy,” created by Shonda Rhimes and starring Ellen Pompeo.

With such a dynamic cast, it’s no wonder Grey’s Anatomy has kept an audience for the past eight years. In March of 2005, creator Shonda Rhimes brought to our screens a show that was only meant to be a mid-season replacement, but it quickly became a huge success. The show follows the professional and private lives of residents, interns, and their attendings in Seattle Grace Hospital (which later becomes Seattle Grace-Mercy West Hospital).

The show begins focusing on the life of Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), daughter of famed general surgeon Ellis Grey. The night before her first day as an intern, Meredith has a one night stand with Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey), the man who turns out the be an attending specializing in neurosurgery . . . and her boss. Meredith’s fellow interns include resident jerk Alex Karev (Justin Chambers), determined Christina Yang (Sandra Oh), socially awkward George O’Malley (T.R Knight), and former model Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl). Under the watchful eyes of more expeienced surgeons like Preston Burke (Isaiah Washington), a cardiothoracic surgeon, and, in later seasons, Mark Sloan (Eric Dane), a plastic surgeon, Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez), an orthopedic surgeon, and Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd), the interns fail and flourish before our eyes. Over the course of eight years, viewers have been able to see their favorite characters mature from bright-eyed, fresh-out-of-med-school interns into the knowledgable, capable doctors they are.

While the relationships among the hospital staff are stressed for dramatic reasons, it is perfectly plausible that doctors who work in the same hospital day in and day out for five years might fall for one another and even get married. Human emotion is one thing that the writers of Grey’s Anatomy never seem to lose their grasp on. It takes time for relationships to grow, only a moment for them to be destroyed, and a generous amount of time for those involved to heal. Such attention to realistic human interaction has worked out beautifully for Grey’s Anatomy thus far, even generating a well-recieved spin-off series, Private Practice.

The cast of Grey’s Anatomy has had its fair share of drama both on and off screen. They’ve said goodbye to original cast members who thought it best to move on, and welcomed new co-stars as two hospitals merged into one on-screen. Through all the changes, Grey’s never misses a beat. With new characters come new quirks and personality flaws to grow to love all over again. Grey’s Anatomy has done such a great job thus far keeping audiences on their toes with their hearts invested–slowing down seems to be nowhere in the near future!

Briana is an avid reader, a budding author, and a huge fan of anything and everything to do with Henry VIII. She considers herself a TV addict and over the years has watched a little bit of everything, both good and bad. A few of her personal favorites are The Big Bang Theory, Dexter, Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries, and Sons of Anarchy.

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