Ask Jonathan Safran Foer!

Have a burning question that only a bestselling author can answer? Lucky you! Jonathan Safran Foer, author of Everything is Illuminated and Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (which you can begin reading on Figment for a limited time here) is answering Figment user questions! Submit your question in the forums until March 9, and then stay tuned to see if your question is one of the ones answered!

6 thoughts on “Ask Jonathan Safran Foer!

  1. Hey, My question is…
    How do I try to write a story but not make it sound like another story at the same time. Meaning, the story that i have written had mirrored another published one. What should i do to differ my idea?

  2. Hi! I just finished reading your book and it really touched me. I’m 15 and I am an aspiring writer. My family really discourages me from studying creative writing in college and pursuing it further in my life. I often get really disappointed and upset when my family does not support me. I was wondering if you could give some words of wisdom…

    How do you deal with such doubt, if any?
    How do you ever get rid of a “writers block?”
    And when did you know that you wanted to write? Was it something you wanted to do your entire life? Or did you realize it later on?
    Thank you so so so much!

  3. Hi! My question is:

    I need new story ideas, but I can’t think of any. Apparently I’m good at writing poems, so I need a poem idea or a story idea. Any suggestions?

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