Dear Adult Me Contest Winners

In the spirit of Catching Jordan author Miranda Kenneally‘s web site Dear Teen Me (which she co-runs with E. Kristin Anderson), we asked you Figs to write letters to your future adult selves. Ten finalists were chosen by the staff here at Figment, and those ten were sent to Miranda herself to be judged. Read on for the winners!


First Place: Infragilis: You Are Unbreakable by Carolina Perez

Miranda’s Comments:

This letter was my favorite because it’s so honest and real. Writing isn’t only about using words to create beautiful phrases and images. To me, writing is all about honesty. Writing is about evoking emotions in your reader.

The specific details and author’s voice in this letter complement the honesty, creating a narrative that pulls you in and makes you care. The letter could be tightened in some areas, but sometimes the best writing isn’t always the most technically correct writing. Mine sure isn’t! Writing is about being real.

Carolina, congratulations! Your story will be featured on Dear Teen Me, and you’ll also receive a copy of Catching Jordan!

Second Place:  Remember That? by Leah Johnson

Miranda’s Comments:

This was a really smart letter. It moved me because often teens’ thoughts and ideas are disregarded by adults, when teens are just as smart as adults. Sure, teens might not have as much life experience, but that doesn’t mean their thoughts aren’t important. This letter makes a great argument and is focused. Even if a piece of writing doesn’t make people change, the writing should at least get people THINKING in new ways. I loved this letter because it gives hope to other people, which is crucial in writing.

Leah, your story will be featured on Dear Teen Me!

Third Place: Don’t Forget by Maria Connors

Miranda’s Comments:

I loved the details in this letter! They formed vivid images in my mind. I also really enjoyed the timelessness of this letter. A person at any age could relate to Maria – we all want to remember things from a long time ago. Writing is an important way to make sure no one does forget.

Maria, your story will be featured on Dear Teen Me!

Miranda had comments for a few of the other finalists as well:

Dear Me by Rachel Jones: This letter was cool because it made me think about my own life and put my own problems in perspective. I related to what Rachel had to say! You always want your readers to relate to you/your main character in some way, even if you’re a 15-year-old girl living in Florida and the main character of your book is a guy action hero living in a different dimension. I’m sure both people want love, friends, and family.

For You by Pete Riley: I really enjoyed this letter – it was full of hope and I loved how brash and honest it is. This was another letter that was really easy to relate to, and makes me think about how my choices today might really upset me in the future, so I should be careful in what I say and do NOW.

Congrats to the winners, and thanks for participating, guys!




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  1. Hi. I’m not sure who to ask, so I figured I’d just comment here.. I never received my copy of Catching Jordan. I was wondering when it’ll be coming in? And would it be sent through FedEx or UPS?

    Thanks again to miss Kenneally for her choosing me winner, and for her kind words!

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