Jessica Rules the Dark Side Contest Winners

J’accuse! In Jessica Rules the Dark Side, titular Jessica has been having dreams about betrayal that she worries are a little too real. In that vein, we asked all of you to write short stories about dreams and nightmares. The ten most-hearted stories were sent to Dark Side author Beth Fantaskey herself for judging, and she has chosen the winners!

In first place:

The Color of Death By Katharine Elizabeth

Congrats on the big win, Katharine! You’ll be getting your own copy of Jessica Rules the Dark Side, a totally awesome Figment tote, and some fun and freaky retractable vampire fangs!

In second place:

Killing Me Softly by TemptedFiction

Great job, TemptedFiction! You’ve won a copy of Jessica Rules the Dark Side and a stylish “I Heart Vampires” pin!

In third place:

His World by Meggy :)

Meggy, you’ll receive a copy of Jessica Rules the Dark Side!

Congrats to everyone involved, and thanks so much for participating!



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