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Some people play the piano. Some race around a track. Others (like you lovely Figs) write well. Everyone has their talents–but let’s be honest: some talents are better than others. For instance, in Perception by Kim Harrington (which you can begin reading for a limited time on Figment here) Clare Fern can feel an object’s history. That’s right: all she has to do is lay hands on an object and she can learn more about it that you’d ever want to know. Clare uses her talent to solve mysteries in her small town–which complicates her personal life just a bit.

We’re willing to bet some of you Figs have written talented characters into your fiction as well, so, inspired by Perception‘s talented heroine, we’re inviting you to submit your preexisting or original story that features a talented character. Tag your story with perceptiontalents and the Figment editors will choose our four favorites to feature on the homepage.

Tag your story by 11:59p.m. on Sunday, March 11 to be eligible. This promotion is open to international users.

28 thoughts on “Share your Talents

  1. I had a story that would have fit this perfectly that I unfortunately took down. :/ I suppose it doesn’t count if I put it back up and tag it, does it?

  2. So, I wrote a short screenplay for another contest (which ended a long time ago) with a character that fits the description, but does that count, or does it have to be a story?

  3. Hey, what if it’s currently in a Word document? Can we copy and paste it into Figment and publish it, or does it have to be already published?

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