Show Don’t Tell

How many times have you heard this? I’d say every red-blooded American English student has been instructed this way by a teacher once or a thousand times. But it’s hard to know what “show don’t tell” really means–personally, I just zone out and picture kindergarten circle time every time I hear this phrase.

Geoff Herbach–author of Stupid Fast and the forthcoming Nothing Specialto the rescue! He’s created a funny, engaging video to help you insert more concrete details into your writing, and avoid those pesky abstractions that annoy your English teacher so much. He’s offering advice and a writing challenge . . . and he’ll be stopping by the pages of some people who take him up on it to comment on their work!

Check out the video below, and then see Geoff Herbach’s writing challenge here.

2 thoughts on “Show Don’t Tell

  1. omygoodness Geoff Herbach rules! 😀 Because of that video. I will probably use it in my future English class. If I can still find it in three years.


    ANYWAY. Awesome advice, can’t wait to take on the writing challenge (and to read the books)!

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