What We’d Do For Love

laurenoliverIn Lauren Oliver‘s Delirium, we’re introduced to a world where love is considered a disease, one that the government deems fatal. Fortunately there is a cure. A legally mandated, everyone-must-take-it, kind of cure. Think booster shot from HELL.

But Lena is defiant. She’s willing to defy the law, lose her family, and live in exile–as long as it means she can keep her love for her boyfriend, Alex. At the beginning of Pandemonium, though, Lena has been separated from Alex and everything she knows. She might never see Alex again, and when she does . . . he might be Cured.

Lena is willing to go pretty far for Alex, and we understand why. He’s smart, sensitive, and hothothot. There are some characters that we would kill for–literally KILL for–if it meant they’d hop off the page and into our lives. Here’s what we’d do for the love of our favorite characters:

Peter Pan (Peter Pan)
So, there’s something charming and endearing about this always-a-boy. But, he’s an ALWAYS A BOY. It’s a little creepy. You’ll grow older, but he never will? Skeevy.
WHAT WE WOULD DO: Like, give him a high-five? Maybe?

Jacob Black (Twilight)
Taylor Lautner’s version of Jacob Black is fine. Yes, yes, and yes.
We can’t get over how emotionally manipulative and whiny this character is! Talk about not respecting a girl’s wishes. I’m going to go into battle and not defend myself and maybe get killed UNLESS! You kiss me. Not okay, son.
WHAT WE WOULD DO: A hug, for sure. But one of those bro-hugs, where you pound your fist into the hug-ee’s back.

Char (Ella Enchanted)
Char is the total package. He’s a sweet, charming prince, who likes to get to know a girl a little before he, I dunno, chases her across the country to return a shoe. You couldn’t ask for a more thoughtful guy.
WHAT WE WOULD DO: I think we could at least live up to his standards and break a curse or two. We’d throw in sweet-talking some ogres, why not?

Peeta (The Hunger Games)
I’D CATCH A GRENADE FOR YA! VOLUNTEER FOR THE GAMES FOR YA! Someone who doesn’t sound like a rusty hinge should get on that parody, stat. Peeta would *literally* do *anything* for the woman he loves. Any. Thing. Anything. Plus those flour-sack-lugging biceps? Please. Thank you.
WHAT WE WOULD DO: Fight to the death, kill some human dogs, fight to the death again, lead a revolution, blah, blah, blah—everyday kind of stuff.

Mr. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice)
WHAT WE WOULD DO: Anything. You want someone killed? Yes. You want us to put on a clown hat, head to a mini-mall, jump in a fountain, do the Macarena, while playing corn-dog baseball? Done, done, and done.

18 thoughts on “What We’d Do For Love

  1. What about the people who like other characters like from video games. Like me At the moment I am totally fan girling and falling for Two characters from the mass effect series. Which now that I think about it is also a book series. But I adore The Turian, Garrus Vakarian, and The Drell, Thane Krios. But I totally love bot of them.

  2. CHRISTINE DAAE (The Phantom of the Opera)
    This girl just seems like a wonderful person, though a little insecure about her talent, and you know, haunted by a stalker. Plus her best friend really needs to stop reminding her of the Phanton of the Opera legend. Really, Meg, you’re just making it worse.

    WHAT I WOULD DO: Be her best friend. I wouldn’t let her walk through mirrors or go places alone, and I’d finally give Carlotta a good slap.

    • YES!!!

      Actually, can I do the Carlotta-slapping-part?

      Oh, and if you think Meg is horrible in Phantom, look up the sequel (Love Never Dies). Ghost stories? Nothing compared to Meg in the sequel.

      • I’m not a big fan of the sequel, the Book ends with the Phantom dying and the play ends with the Phantom setting Christine and Raul free so it doesn’t really make sense to have anything after it.

        Meg is a bit of an idiot when it comes to those ghost stories though 🙂

  3. William Herondale:
    Demon-killing perfection
    Do people always forget will awesome dude with knives and black hair with purple-blue eyes
    (infernal devices)

  4. There’s a parody of Britney Spear’s “I Wanna Go” with the Hunger Games by Luke Conard. It’s super funny, no official music video but the made up ones are funny. 🙂

    Enjolras from Les Miserables (Musical)
    Firstly, he dies. For people to be freed from an oppresive government. And when he’s played by Ramin Karimloo, he is amazing. And he has an epic red vest. Unfortunately for him he gets stuck hanging around with Marius all the time.

    What I’d Do For Him: Jump in front of a bullet for him, Eponine style. Assassinate Marius. Convince him to not get himself killed.

    THE PHANTOM (Phantom of the Opera)
    Again, he gets played by Ramin Karimloo. So that automatically makes him awesome. And he has an EPIC mask and cape setup. Plus he’s an awesome composer and the one girl that he ever fell in love with kissed him – once – to rescue her fiancee from him. And he was stuck dealing with said fiancee.

    What I’d Do For Him: Live by a lake under the opera house, sing for him… assassinate Raoul and Carlotta (Not Christine!!!) for him…

  6. Omg, DANIEL ALTAN WING!! How can you not love dystopic Robin Hood?! He fights for his beliefs, he’s TOTALLY AMAZING! I mean, stealing medicine from a highly protected hospital to save his little brother? Check. Causing a distraction so a girl he didnt know could escape from a fight? Check. Taking care of AND giving his heart to that girl who actually wanted to put him behind bars? Check. It doesn’t hurt that he’s hot, and a survival king, and hot, and sweet and caring, and would give his life for everyone he cares about, AND did I mention he’s smoking hot, and like a Robin Hood from the future?
    What would I do for him?
    Get into a skiz fight, jump from a twenty-floor building, defy the government, cross the boarder to the colonies. And, all in all, the highly incredible and adventurous stuff someone would have to do to date Day, from the LEGEND series!

  7. @Eponine, yikes! Except for my beloved Ramin, I’m just going to pretend that the sequel doesn’t exist. Why ruin a good story? And the ending! What is up with that?

    You’ve seen both the Les Mis and Phantom Anniversaries, understand why I like Christine (Sierra Boggess is amazing), and you know who Ramin Karimloo IS. Be my best friend?

  8. my favorite character: Adrien( bloodlines by Richelle Mead )

    He charming, loyal, and a big heart and is super funny and sarcastic. I fell in love with him, the moment he entered the story. Sure, he describes himself, as heartbroken addict with no work ethic, but I see a man who deserves someone better than Rose Hathaway.

    What I’d do for him: Anything. And I mean Anything.

  9. I would do anything for FINNICK ODAIR. Recently, my friend asked me if I would like if Finnick Odair gave me CPR like he did to (SPOILER ALERT) Peeta in Catching Fire. Dear Lord, would I like that. My friends also mention Sugar Cubes to me frequently, which, accompanied by the whole CPR thing, sends me into a daydream land of Finnick Odair…Where was I? But, Finnick and Annie are such an adorable couple and they are perfect together. But, if I ever met Finnick in the “Real World”, I would be his best friend because he is amazing, no matter what my friends think (they don’t like Finnick. Weird, right?).

    • Finnick Odair rules!! I would do almost anything for him although he and Annie are cute together and I wouldn’t want to ruin that. Also because District 4 rules!!

  10. Gale (the Hunger Games)
    The muscular gorgeous boy who katniss just throws away (i mean why???????) plus, he can hunt. quite the catch for a district 12-er.
    what i’d do:
    fight some hoverplanes, cure some dying citizens, you know, the easy stuff.

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