Be on a YA Book Cover!

You can be a YA book cover model!

Sort of.

Kim Harrington has created a challenge for her readers. She wants to see your face on the covers of her books, 2011’s Clarity and the brand-new Perception (which you can start reading here on Figment). She’s talking about turning this:

Into this:

Improvement? I wasn’t going to say anything, but now that you’ve mentioned it…

What to do:
1. Head to You can upload a photo or connect with Facebook and use any Facebook photo of yourself (or your friends).
2. Use the toolbar at the top of the cover to angle, zoom, and recolor your photo. Hit the right-hand arrow when you’re satisfied with the result.
3. Right-click and save the photo to your computer.
4. Upload it to Figment’s Facebook wall by 12 p.m. ET on Friday, March 16. We’ll name three photos with top honors: Funniest Face, Most Realistic, and Best Non-Human.

Check out Kim’s results here, and start reading Perception here!

11 thoughts on “Be on a YA Book Cover!

  1. my friend got me an advance readers copy of that before it came out- it’s a great book and i would love 2 be on the cover 🙂

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