Enter the NYC Flash Fiction Contest (New Prizes and Prompts Daily!)

Whether or not you’re an actual urbanite, it’s hard not to be inspired by city life. The diversity of the populace, the dynamism and intensity, the colors and smells–big metropolises feel like a font of unending inspiration. Author Michelle Haimoff captured all of the frenetic and eclectic elements of city life in her new novel, These Days Are Ours, set in New York City post-9/11. Inspired by her story, we’re giving Figgies the opportunity to respond to super short flash fiction prompts everyday this week, each referencing a New York location that appears in Haimoff’s novel. Each day, the Figment editors will be choosing a winner based on the clear and compelling nature of your storytelling, so tag your work TDAOflash, and you could win a copy of These Days Are Ours, plus some sweet NYC-themed prizes. Visit this page for a new prompt each morning, and best of luck!

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