Exclusive: Lemony Snicket Scares the Pants off Us

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What’s more thrilling than a missive from the dead? An exclusive new tale from Lemony Snicket!

Señor Snicket, the renowned author of A Series of Unfortunate Events, has revealed to us—via our friends at Picture the Dead—a brand-new, never-before-seen, totally-fresh tale of horror . . . IN RHYME.

Snicket responded to author Adele Griffin and illustrator Lisa Brown’s call for shivery tales with the following panic-inducing poem:


I was lonely at the station. It was a lonely sort of day.
I was waiting for a train to come and take me far away.
I was dressed for a girl’s funeral, in black from head to toe.
I’d stood there in the cemetery. Now it was time to go.
A handkerchief was in my pocket, damp from when I’d cried.
The girl was in my grade at school, too young to have died.

All at once a shadow fell across where I stood to wait.
I had an urge to turn and run but it was far too late.
She simply stood and looked at me, but uttered not a sound.
I stared back. It was the girl we’d just put in the ground.


Want to make like Snicket? Head on over to Brown and Griffin’s Ghost Posts Tumblr, draw up a chair, and tell them your most spine-tingling tale. The authors offer these words of advice:

Make sure it pops out our eyes, turns our hair gray, and sends us screaming down the corridors—when we recover, we will post it on our Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter feeds. And if you’ve managed to keep us up all night, hiding under the covers and shivering in fear, we’ll send you some eerie swag. So come on, post your ghosts and scare us silly! You know you want to . . .

Stories can be real-life, made-up, teeny tiny or a little bit longer. Try to keep it to 400-500 words, absolutely max. Happy haunting!

For more inspiration, check out “Feed Me,” a Picture the Dead submission by The Stinky Cheese Man author Jon Scieszka.

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